Friday, April 27, 2012

Traveling with Kids

Ok. who and when did the layout for blogspot change? Am I weird? as I get older the less and less I like change in my every day things.. like the timeline thing on Facebook really made me want to quit it all together. 
 As a family we travel a lot. sometimes close, sometimes far. Our day to day is pretty busy and most of the time we are out of the house going from place to place. I feel like on a whole we are all pretty good at flexing and flowing and enjoy going to places. Of course that doesn't mean we are always good. I'm definitely guilty of having a meltdown or two...or three. I hope I'm getting better at being 'fun' on trips rather than a big grumpy stressball. I feel like about a week before a trip my mind is everywhere trying to think of everything we need, and everything we might need. Especially with kids you need a gabillion "just in case" things. Our luggage has turned into 95% kids stuff and 4% dad stuff...and I'm lucky if I have extra underwear. With each new kid come new things we gotta figure out. Sleeping arrangements, feeding arrangements.... but we also discover some new creative things that make trips more fun and less stressful. 
The picture above was a genius idea I came up with the other day. We've been swimming a couple of times a day.. .which means wet, soggy swimsuits draped all over the place. I stepped on a pile of child links and a lightbulb went off! and now, this little links are gonna make it so much more convenient for our swimming times! 
 Anyways, I feel like I go on little spurts with my blogs and then go on hiatus. I am gonna try to be better about it. maybe i'll start waking up super early and make my 'thoughts' time. hope you are all doing well... if you have any clever travel ideas let me know! maybe I should do a what to pack when traveling with kids video? wutcha think?