Monday, November 9, 2009

skin remedies

ok so... are you ever sitting at home, watching tv and you slowly start touching your face and you realize.. it aint as smooth as you'd like? here are some home remedies i've found work great for me.
I have super sensitive skin, and haven't had a reaction... maybe i'll put some of my favorite skin products too.

Basic Skincare
I have a friend that once told me "its more important how you take off your makeup than how you put it on" I think this is very true. I cannot believe that so many women/girls go to sleep wearing their
makeup! not only has that makeup been sitting on your skin, it has also picked up all the pollutants, sweat, and debris from your day. So in light of that, take it off before you go to sleep...AND brush your teeth!


Neutrogena: Acne Stress Control
This one dispenses as a foam. i started using this when I got pregnant with my first daughter. my skin was out of control. This has a little bit of a funky smell (if you're sensitive), but it works. it takes off all your makeup and leave your face clean and under control. and less break outs

Mark. That's Deep
this is a gel cleanser. It doesn't bubble like you think a soap should, but it cleans well and gets all your make up off.

Clean & Clear cleanser for sensitive skin
I used this face wash for years. it was the first one i could find that took off waterproof mascara, and didn't dry out my skin. love it!

Eye Make-Up remover

Clinique: take the day off
It really doesn't matter what kind you use, expensive or less expensive, they are relatively the same. I always wear waterproof mascara, so it helps to take it off before I wash my face. You don't want to be rubbing your eyes on a towel to get the raccoon eyes off, pulling on the skin like that will cause premature wrinkles.
if you don't have eye makeup remover..
use vaseline. it works great. slap some on, and wipe off with tissue. it really moisturizes the eye area too which doesn't hurt!

Most people don't see the importance of toner.
When you wash your face with warm water, you open up all your pores.. toner closes them for you so all that dirt doesn't jump back in!

Clinique clarifying lotion
i LOVE this. if i don't use it, my face doesn't feel clean. you THINK you've gotten all the dirt off your face from washing it, but a swipe of this on a cotton pad..and eww... you see the dirt. so it is like an extra step of the tonage. voila!

this is so important to me. i have super dry skin and without moisturizer i feel like i've been swimming all day in a chlorine filled pool. it feels tight and cracky.

Clinique: dramatically different moisturizer
an all time favorite. its light, but moisturizes well. isn't sticky and absorbs quickly.

Neutrogena:anti-wrinkle cream
any time a product has anti-wrinkle properties, its a bonus. don't wait til you're old and wrinkly to use anti-wrinkle stuff. its easier to prevent than to treat.
i love this moisturizer...

Mark. See things clearly
this comes in a cute little pump. its light, and has a 'skin brightening' particles.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


ok. here is a little glimpse of my nails. sad to say, i think i'm good at them b/c i'm asian! haha...
I will put up tutorials if you want, because its so easy and anybody can do it!!

ok i just had to put that in there because it is so funny and true.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

AVON review

so, I'm super dee duper picky about things I like and don't like. I have sensitive it narrows the products I use even more. So I'll do this in a "like" section and a "don't like" section.

AVON blossoming pout $6.00 (i think it's $3.99 right now)
blossoming pout: changes color to give you a natural 'blush' lip. it tingles and is minty,and for me...kinda numbs it! but it feels good and i like it.
IDEAL SHADE Pressed Powder

IDEAL SHADE Pressed Powder
Fresh Face

price: $9.00

Smooth velvet-soft finish. Great for on-the-go touch-ups. Includes mirror & sponge. .4 oz. net wt.

PRECISELIGHT TECHNOLOGY has innovative light-adjusting pigments, making your skin look natural wherever you are.

love this powder. very smooth, even coverage.
the only gripe i have is that the sponge/puff it comes with sucks and looks cheap...but i don't use it anyways, i use a powder blush

ULTRA COLOR RICH Extra Plump Lipstick

Kiss and Tell. ULTRA COLOR RICH Extra Plump Lipstick

price: $8.00

You have to see it to believe it! Instantly, lips go pleasantly plump and feel tingly all over. Nonfeathering. Center core packed with plumping power & hydrating moisturizers. .13 oz. net wt.

I usually don't remember to wear lipstick, but this one is great. I got it in a pretty nude color and I love it. It has a minty tingly feeling and makes me feel like a woman when I put it on! haha
(why did everything move to the center column? i don't get this blogging thing)



Up your WOW factor.

price: $6.00

Defines eyes with perfect precision. Smooth, glide-on color. Long wear. Retractable, self-sharpening. .01 oz. net wt.
This is one of AVON's Best seller's and now I see why. I have beeee-au-ti-ful asian eyes.
yep hooded, mono-lidded, no crease, no lid...whatever you want to call it eyes. SO for some reason any eyeline I put on ends up on my lower ridge within minutes...and I look like a raccoon. so, I've always used liquid. this one works, and stays..and it is smooth enough to blend with eyeshadows which I love.

ANEW CLINICAL Advanced Retexturizing Peel ANEW CLINICAL Advanced Retexturizing Peel

Peel away in one easy step.

price: $25.00

Winner of the Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Award!

The at-home answer to chemical peels°.

Now, in 1 easy step! See results superior* to a professional 35% glycolic peel. At home. No appointment necessary. The advanced exfoliator safely retexturizes and resurfaces skin. Formulated with soothing botanicals that help nourish and calm skin.

Peels away dullness and visible age damage so healthier skin cells can surface. 30 unscented pads.

*In 6 of 8 attributes tested over a 7-week period. °Results not comparable to professional procedures.

"Advanced Retexturizing Peel is considered a miracle worker around the office - just a few quick swipes with a pad all over your face and it's like you got a professional peel!" - Rashida Poorman, Skin Care Expert with over 10 year's experience in skin care development & education.

This stuff is AMAZING. as soon as you use it, your skin feels new. for real. like a baby's butt... i love it love it!

prices listed are not always the price right now. there are always specials!
for promo code enter 'fswer' and you'll get free shipping on ANYTHING!

post baby body

so I hate my body enough to complain about it every day.
don't hate it enough to actually DO something about exercise.

I have to say after having 2 kids I don't look too bad for someone who hates physical activity. I'm back to my pre-baby size.. give and take a few jiggly bits here and there.
my main problem is muffin top. not like you've seen before.
it's loose and I have it even when I'm naked.
just indents and hangs out.

exactly why they call it muffin top.

SO, my problem this summer was... I don't want to NOT go swimming with my kids because of my insecurities, but there are zero to no solutions for mom's that want to be stylish.
a. you buy a mom suit and just totally give up trying to be cute

or you can just swim fully clothed....
SO... I searched and searched.
I am 5"10" have a long torso, so tankini's are out because that little strip of skin that shows, IS THE PART I'M TRYING TO HIDE! and most one pieces even if they are cute either give me a wedgie front and back or my boobs are not covered.

so here is my solution:
if you are below 5'10"
I found this cute swimsuit that LOOKS like a tankini, but actually is connected underneath with tummy control.
it is made by Tommy Hilfiger:

very cute.. a little pricey, but worth it. here is the solution I found for myself:

these are tankini tops that are in extra long length!!! and they are ruched on the side so its not so tight on your bulges.
the tops are from
now for the bottom I wore bikini bottoms with shorts on top:

this helped my insecurity with my cellulite infested bottom.
so I have to say... this suit combo has saved me from missing out on time with my kids..and I've recommended it to my mommy friends and they look hot!!

next search...comfortable shapewear. cuz honey, I own spanx and I always take them off before I walk out that door.. mama's gotta breath!