Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Milani Eyeshadow Palettes

Hey Everyone! So wanted to do a quick review on the Milani eyeshadow palettes. I was going to make a video, but really... I would probably just be showing you these pictures! (maybe still will if i have time tomorrow) I actually totally forgot that I also got one of all neutrals, I'll have to do a separate review on that one...which I will probably use more on a day to day basis.
I really like the packaging and think it is pretty genius to have a bunch of colors in one round. the only thing is, I don't know how the machine decides how much of each color you get or if it is just random, but I have found in my neutral palette that the colors I like the most I actually get the least amount of, which is a bummer.

The first one (pictured above) is the impressionist powder palette...which reminds me in color and texture a lot to sidewalk chalk. I spend a lot of my days drawing on pavement with my kids so it is what I immediately thought of. color, consistency... they are pretty pastels and aren't too bright. so if you are a little bit scared of the next palette because it is so bright...this might be the way to go.

now this palette is the 'paint palette'. beautiful vibrant color... which I'm going to be more brave and try out more. I like that it is in one circle, like when you are painting on well, a palette. you can kind of mix colors and blend them like you would paints. This palette is a lot more vibrant and "Ka-pow!" in your face. I also tried it wet which takes away some of that chalkiness.
anyways, seeing as vibrant colors and color blocking are big for spring and summer.. this is an awesome way to get some bright colors to play with without breaking the bank!


  1. Like them both...would love the brighter ones!! Where do you get them? Pics of u wearing them, think the last ones would look nice on you!

  2. oo wow an eyeshadow soo i love the colours..