Wednesday, March 23, 2011

true colors

so i've been sick. like sick-sick. for almost 2 weeks. at first i thought it was just morning sickness... then the fever, chills.... had a ear infection, throat infection, cold... now i have bronchitis. on top of the horrible nausea. i hate being a sick whiner. but i will be, atleast for this blog.
i hate lying in bed not doing anything. the truth is, i've felt so horrible i don't even WANT to do anything...which is really weird for me. i'm a very anxious sitting still is hard for me.
anyways, i've learned a lot about love this week.
my husband has been so good. doing EVERYTHING, taking the kids EVERYWHERE... taking care of me, and still having a good attitude about it. still giving me back rubs, running to the store, bringing me treats and telling me i look beautiful when i have a permanent ponytail (even without the elastic.. oh yeah, its gotten that bad) he tells me to rest and makes me feel loved. i think the worst part about being sick is that i feel bad to him....
so today i'm up, for the last 10 minutes so i thought i'd write a quick blog.. so i could remember how good he is to me even when i am so icky.
i hope this is the last week of sickness and i am alive and well next week!
thank you Lord for giving me a man that meant the 'sickness and health' part!!
have a good week and eat lots of good food on my behalf!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


you know that saying "don't make someone a priority when you are only and option"? how about "don't make someone a priority when you AREN'T EVEN an option"!!

This is a thought I've been pondering a lot lately. My husband and I are both guilty of it. Pouring into people over and over, only to be hurt and dissapointed.
He always says "do unto the Lord". Which I totally agree.. good things, effort, time given... it is all worth it.
BUT, I'm talking about those relationships that are a little closer...
I find that there are those that you give and take and the relationship is pretty even...those that you receive more from, and then there are those that you give and give and give... and nada. zip. zero. zilch. You pursue them, do all that you can do.. and rarely a call back, a text, anything. Always frustration, hurt, feelings of being let down. But yet you keep pursuing them. Do you love them? yes. BUT I feel like there comes a point where you back it up. Realize that they will not be or give you what you are hoping from the relationship..and ACCEPT what it is. Does that mean you totally give up? no, I think you just have to be more wise about how much you invest of yourself.. be there when they are... but don't chase them and then feel hurt when they don't respond.
I feel like I have experienced this on varying degrees. with close friends, not so close friends, family.... not everyone is willing, or able to give you the kind of friendship you are willing to give. So...I think I will be a little more careful on who I share everything I have with. Appreciate those friendships and relationships that ARE responsive.. and keep my heart soft, let the love flow... and let all my hurt feelings evaporate.
a wise man I know once said "only expect from people what they show you" true... very true.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Flowers

The last couple of days have been tough. Morning sickness has once again taken over! So today I braved out to Michael's and got a couple of little things for me and my princess to work on together. We made these little felt flowers and glued magnets on them. We had to make a lot, because there was a long list of people she wanted to give them to! She has such a beautiful and generous heart. After making them I thought I'd make a quickie video on how to make them. They are super easy and adorable. You could stick them on hairbands, hairpins, bags.. super cute. Hope you enjoy and have a great week. I am hoping to come back to life soon!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lazy Day

Today has been nice. I have done absolutely nothing productive. We are always on the go and in a rush, we rarely take a day and do nothing. My husband let me stay and bed and rest (which is nice, I've been so tired and haven't had a chance to rest!) We went outside with the kids and played basketball... well, lets re-phrase that... we threw the ball somewhere near the hoop and ran around in circles. Talked, laughed, had a tickle war and now everyone is taking a nap. There are loads of laundry and a pile of dishes..but I'm not too worried. I think some times you need to take a break and just 'be'.
While I was in bed I was watching episodes of TLC Baby Story. And the moment I wait for is right when the baby comes out. That moment when the baby is still purple and mom is in shock is so beautiful. It just doesn't make sense how that baby was in her belly, and is now out.... my mind cannot wrap itself around it. Just beautiful.
Anyways, I'm secretly waiting for the Fed Ex guy to get here. My husband shattered his glass screen on his Droid, and I have ordered parts to try to fix it myself. I found a video on YouTube, and I'm pretty confident I can do it! So now I'm just anxious to try. For all you droid-ers out there here is the video, I ordered all the parts off of amazon for pretty cheap:

You can buy phone cases and screen protectors for under $5 on Amazon, I would suggest it as I know many a shattered Droid owners!

On another note, I did a quick video a couple of days ago on how I keep my jewelry (especially my wedding ring) clean using stuff I already have.. hope its helpful!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

quad lids

oh yes. my little monolids have turned into quadruple lids. i had a friend go "uh, what the heck are monolids?" monolids are usually on asian people, when we don't have an eyelid crease, thus making them hooded.. and monolid, opposed to double eyelid. Mine tend to fold...too much when I'm tired or sick. I actually like my eyes better without the fold (which is horrifying news to my Korean relatives who have offered to pay for me to get double eyelids). So, on days like today I feel funny, my eyes all wide and round. haha!! give me my almonds back! I have been SO tired, and hungry at all times. Can't seem to sleep when I get a chance though.

The other day I was flipping through my Lucky Magazine (there's a Lucky Kids now by the way, and it's awesome possum). And I saw and advertisement for these little hand lotions. How cute! so of course I did some investigating and tracked some down. Here is a little review! have a good week everyone!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life in Bloom

Ok. I feel pregnant now. Boobs are sore, cramping.. bachache... tired... and SUPER hungry at the same time! haha! I have not been able to sleep the past couple of days. I think its a mixture of excitement and body changes. I cannot believe I am pregnant! I am excited and cannot wait to meet this new little one. I love baby smell. Baby noises... baby breath. It's all so beautiful. My daughter is so excited too. She can't stop talking about it and asking me questions... a little too many, and too in depth for a 4 year old.

I have been trying to figure out the logistics of everything, but the reality is, that like most other things... I can't figure it out. We will have to go with the flow.

AAAHHH! I still can't believe it!!

anyways I did a nail tutorial for the nails people have been asking about. It is super quick and easy. I call them my "life in bloom" nails. Hope you like! (sorry my hands are so dry and nasty, I should have rinsed and moisturized before taking the picture!)