Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blessings at the bottom of the Bucket

It has been a rough week. Between the nausea, vomiting and migraine... I felt like my body could not feel any worse. Ended up going to the hospital yesterday after talking to my doctor and her strongly urging me to come. I spent the day hooked up to an IV for fluids and meds. All of this to say... It has been rough... but I've been blessed.
I've been hiding in a dark room by myself the last week. I'd kind of come in and out of sleeping, throwing up and just being icky. In the distance I could hear my kids giggling, daddy roaring and them laughing over silly things.  He took them everywhere with him this week. To meetings, speaking engagements...everywhere.
I know he is a good dad, and am always thankful for it...but in these moments I realize how thankful I am for him. I know its not easy being around a miserable sicko... so that in itself deserves a medal.
I've also been pleading with God. More like trying to bribe Him and negotiate me feeling better. I know it doesn't work that way...but when you feel bad enough... you start pleading.
So the other day I was pleading. Asked Him if He saw me... and that I KNEW He didn't want me to feel this bad. That day I had this song on repeat:
My wonderfully talented friend Eric was nice enough to record it for me. I spent the day crying and praying. Thanking God for His goodness. I was reminded that God's goodness isn't dependant on my feelings or circumstance. So I thanked Him... over and over.

That night my husband told me a couple had  stopped by. They didn't know I was sick, or feeling bad. They just said they were in the area and felt like they wanted to do something nice to me. They left me with a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses and treats. (the guy is ironically Eric's brother! this family... knocking my socks off!)

and I knew. I know... God sees me. He cares... and I am thankful.
So in the midst of feeling horrible, my heart is happy. I have happy kids with a wonderful husband and a God that sees me....what do I have to complain about?

now back to my lair of darkness.... haha!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mommy 2.0 TAG

MOMMY TAG 2.0 questions:

1 How many children do you have? And how old are they?
2 What is your proudest moment as a mom ? (of your child/children)
3 What is your most frustrating moment as a mom?
4 How do you discipline your child/children?
5 Cursing, do you do it in front of your child?
6 Do you think your relationship with your spouse has changed since you had children? Better or worse?
7 Since becoming a mom, do you notice you act more like your own mother?
8 How are your relationships with your girlfriends?
9 Your favorite place to take your child/children?
10 Your least favorite place to take your child/children?
11 Piercing baby's ear: do or don't?
12 Favorite skincare for you and child/children?
13 Must have mommy makeup item?
14 Bath or shower? (for you and child/children)
15 Are you back to your pre baby weight?
16 College dreams: Do you expect your kids to go to college? Or would you let them decide for themselves?
17 What is the one show your child/children love but you secretly HATE?
18 Cloth diapers: yay or nay?
19 Finish this sentence: "you know you're a mom when you______?"
20 Have you done the first mommy tag?

If you are a mommy I would love for you to do this and share your answers!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 2013 Seasons Box

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share the beautiful January Seasons Box with you!

All about relaxation, rejuvenation...and calm. Something we all need at the end of holiday season. 

You can purchase Seasons Box as a monthly subsription, or a one time gift for yourself or someone you want to treat! 
They are packaged so beautifully and are priced at $29.95 + $4.95 shipping and handling. Which is good for a luxury gift like this! here is what is inside!


*alittleaboutalot receives sponsored products  for review. all opinions are 100% honest and my own

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Morning Sickness Relief

So I am one of the lucky ladies that has horrible morning sickness. With the other 3 I had it the whole way through, until labor day. lucky me!
I have tried prescription medication as well, but I thought I would share some remedies that you can get at your local grocery store or drug store. I hope if you are having morning sickness too something here helps!

Saltines. Yes everyone's first suggestion is always saltines and ginger ale. But it does help...a little. I find that it helps the best as soon as you wake up to chew on a couple to put something in your stomach before you literally get UP. (which for some reason makes it so much worse!) I also chew on a couple before I go to bed to settle my stomach a little.  So these are permanently on my nightstand.

I have heard that warm ginger ale or dr. pepper settles your stomach the best. I don't warm mine up, but I do keep it room temperature. I feel like it helps because it makes you burp a lot..and isn't as sweet as other sodas (plus it has ginger in it...and it is has 'Canada' in it!)

I got a recommendation on Facebook to use peppermint. So I've been keeping these in my purse. Honestly, I think to have anything in your mouth at all times help. This breaks it up, and give you fresh breath too!

I don't know what it is about sour. but it helps. Between runs to hot dog on a stick for the lemonade... I keep these in my purse too (the strawberry slurpee from taco bell is kinda sour and helps too FYI)

the Preggie Pop Drops are awesome. unlike other sour candies, they stay sour from beginning to end. most sour candies end up turning sweet. PLUS they contain vitamin B6 which is also suppose to help combat nausea! These drops are sour rasberry and lemon! The pops you can get in sour or in ginger/peppermint/lavender or in combo packs like this one. (you can get them at babies r us, maternity store or

Ginger. yep. some of us love it, some of us hate it. I personally don't like it. I only like pickled ginger. My friend sent me a picture of these and I had never seen them. So i figured they were only available in Canada...and then a friend here gave me 2 packs! These taste much better than the sugared ginger bites I got previously. More smooth. And these you can drop in hot water and turn into tea!

and if you really can't stand the taste of ginger. there are always ginger tablet. you don't taste anything. I haven't seen any improvement with these but I know people who swear by them!

last but not least...mouthwash. With baby #3 I had really bad dry mouth. I feel like it contributed to my gag reflex. I started using this and it really helped. I also use the regular minty mouthwash several times a day just to clear out my mouth.

Good luck to you. if you have any remedies you love please share them with me!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blooming Pink Sparkling Eyes

 Freshkon Sparklers in blooming pink

I have to admit, I haven't watched any of the Twilight movies...but I feel kinda Twilight-y!

I got these pink circle lenses from contactlensxchange this morning from mr. postman. 

I remember when I first heard of pink circle lenses I thought "really? pink? who has pink eyes? besides mice and rabid animals" haha!!! but they seem to be pretty popular in of course I was intrigued!

When I first put them in with no makeup, I have to say... I looked scarey.
then I put on my makeup...and I still looked scarey. kind of an intriguing scarey though. 
I feel like a character in a movie that turns into something else and  the only sign of it is in the eyes. 

I've had FreshKon alluring eyes before and I really like them. I have super dry eyes and as I type this I'm going on hour 14 of wearing them and they are completely comfortable. Which says a lot for a dry eyed, sleep deprived mom.

Each pack comes with a pair, so if you are like me and have a different prescription for each eye... you are gonna need to order 2 pairs. One pair for $17.80 isn't bad. They are monthly lenses, but I personally wear them longer since I don't wear them every day. 

I normally wouldn't have picked pink, of all colors...but I'm glad I did. I'll wear them when I need to feel extra mysterious... or werewolf-y.

*alittleaboutalot receives sponsored products  for review. all opinions are 100% honest and my own

Saturday, January 12, 2013

random trips

i love this little picture my friend made from our trip!

One of the hard things about 'growing up' is that friends move away, you move away...everyone is doing their own thing and you get lost in life. Once in a while I feel lonely. lonely for my friends that are far away that I hold so dear to my heart. I've been blessed with those friends that have stood the test of time and distance. My husband is so good about pushing me to make time to go see them and spend time with them. 
(I think he realizes that when I get a little time, I'm a lot nicer! haha!!)

So me and my friend Amy gathered our airmiles and tried to figure out a little trip we could do for free. Being that we are both mommies we don't have a whole lot of extra cash floating around. Since she is from Colorado and I am from Southern California, the middle point was Utah...and luckily our airmiles covered it!
Then we were so blessed by a friend to provide a free hotel for our stay!! wooohoooo!!!

It was FREEZING there. I left cali at 70 degrees and landed in Utah at 29 degrees. shiver me timbers!
What a beautiful city. surrounded by mountains, and really just gorgeous. It was an interesting city to say the least, but I always like going to different places and discovering new things.

all of this to say.
I am so thankful for friends that aren't "work". You know what I mean? they just get you. understand you. know you....and you can just be. So refreshing and nice to be around. 

It was a quickie trip with really only one full day..but so worth it. my heart is full...and so is my belly. all we really did was eat, and then eat again.
 I wish this morning sickness wasn't kicking my butt and I could have enjoyed all the yummy food a bit more!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

one step at a time

Sometimes everything is too much. Dishes need washing, bills need to be paid, you have dreams too big and vast that seem impossible to grasp, belly fat needs to go away, lonely socks can't find their partners, dust bunnies keep coming back and closets keep messing themselves up.
its just too much. all the time....
if you think of it that way. 

I think often we just keep adding to our big ball of stress. its just gets bigger and bigger. then we feel overwhelmed and feel like we can't do anything. We can't separate it all. So we just feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxiety stricken.

The one thing I love about having young children is that I learn so much from just watching them. Watching them fall, try, and figure things out.

Things I've learned from my kids this week about my big ball of stress:

if you fall, get up
if you need help, ask for it
if you fail, cry about it..then forget about it
do one thing at a time
voice your opinion
don't let people make you do things you don't want to
protect what is yours
laugh freely
take naps
take one step at a time

and when you really don't know what to do. ask someone who does.