Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Cookie Loveliness and Today's Tidbit: Don't Stress!

Let's start this blog off on a good note. heh.
Yesterday I had some of the youth girls over to decorate Easter cookies with me and the kids. We had such a fun time, laughing and squeezing icing that was a little thicker than I like it! Sometimes even though its a lot of work and mess I feel like its important to do things like this. Not just for my kids, but for girls who might not have a mother figure to do things like this with. Secretly its fun for me too :)

Now for the stress part. Do you ever realize that once you challenge yourself, or pray for patience or whatever all of a sudden you are challenged to work it out?! yeesh.
well yesterday for my 'today's tidbit' I talked about stress and trying to not let it get to you. Well, needless to stress was challenged (and still is this morning).
as Oprah says "overworked and under appreciated" not always...but feeling it today! I'm sure that feeling will pass in about an hour. I'm hiding out in the kitchen downing some coffee, which conveniently is also a mood enhancer for me. haha!!
have a good day everyone, you are loved!

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