Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am thankful for SOOOOO many things! I wish I could list them all, but here's a few...and a video about thankfulness!

-our troops who leave their families to fight for our freedom, and to their families who stay behind and stay strong while their moms, dads, wives, husbands, fathers, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons are off fighting... we love you and appreciate all you are doing for us! i wish the news would spend more time on honoring these people and their families, especially those who have lost loved ones instead of doing weekly specials on heidi and spencer and what madonna is wearing!

-good in laws! i am blessed and so loved by all the Brattruds.(Bekah, I know you are an Arsanto now.. but I include you in this fo sho) You each, individually are amazing.. even the ones in the oven!

-God's provision in our lives and for our lives

-the internet, so we can share, grow, and encourage people we would have never met otherwise!

oOooh.. the oven is beeping, gotta go! happy thanksgiving everyone!

circle lenses

i know circle lenses have been big for a long time now.. but since anyone can buy them online without a prescription, from overseas.. you really don't know what you are getting. there have been numerous cases of people having permanent damage and even going blind due to the low quality of circle lenses they are wearing. cuteness is not worth blindness.
i have found these ones made by acuvue, a reputable contact lens company. their contacts are 'medical' while other circle lenses are considered 'cosmetic'.
so please be careful with your beautiful eyes!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

there can't be a rainbow without a little rain...

so our good friend who we call 'coach', because.. well.. he's a coach, came over yesterday to fix drew's truck. we have to have atleast ONE working vehicle right?! my beautiful friend sarah came to my rescue again and let us borrow her car so i could pick up kids and take my kids to church today.
sunday school craft? check. kids toys? check. snacks? check. offering? check. good attitude? check.
just as i am about to leave my phone rings.... *sigh.
"uh jeannie? can you come pick me up? my tire blew on the freeway".

REALLY!?!?!?!??!!? i had to laugh. i'm now not surprised or phased by this little 'thing' we are going through. 5 cars in 2 weeks...

so i packed my kids and one of the youth girls in the car and was off to rescue my husband. when we got there, we loaded up the projector screen and Drew crouched/crammed/ squished into the back and off we were to church.

all i can say is... God is good.

i rarely get to sit in worship, but today.. i told myself i need to worship.. even if just for one song. so i did. i sang loud, and praised Him. for being Good, for being our Provider... for being our Strength.

After service Mrs. Tucker (one of the ladies who came to the scene with her husband when i got in the accident) said something so interesting to me... she said " i don't know how to say this the right way.. but when i was standing on the offramp after your accident, I saw Drew walking up the ramp with Jael on his shoulders and Jehu in the stroller. They were all happy, she was happy, he was happy, and Drew was happy pushing the stroller up the off ramp. Strangely the first thing I thought was 'wow, jeannie has a good life'. I know its weird thinking that when you just got in an accident, but Jeannie.. you do.. you have a good life."

and I do. I have a good life. and i know it.

my life wasn't always like this.. so i am thankful every day. for love. for beautiful kids, for a husband that loves me. things don't matter... THEY are what matter, relationships matter... so today with the rain still trickling outside my hope is still growing...

thank you guys for reading, and hope you know that you are loved too :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

a little rain...

today it is raining.. a little from the sky, a little from my eyes, a little from my heart.

its been a tough couple of weeks.
news of my grandma's health fading, 2 accidents, husbands truck dead, borrowed car dead...

i couldn't sleep last night. my neck was killing me. sharp pains from my chin down to my arm. woke up and decided i needed to see a doctor. apparently i have a badly sprained neck and am having spasms.
on the way home from doctor, in another borrowed car.. i had to stop by the body shop to collect all our belongings out of my totalled car. it was sad. didn't want to say bye. its not final, but pretty sure.
i sat in the back of my mangled car, with the rain dripping through the cracked windshield. and i cried. prayed. and cried. God moves in answer to prayer right? so i asked. "God, i have hope.. provide for us.. in a big way"
as i was driving i got a call from my husband... the great gap insurance which sounded good, is good.. just not that good. whatever money we get from the accident goes back to honda.. and then whatever is left over in payment...is covered by gap insurance. so... after kelly blue booking our car, it looks like we might get about $12.oo. yes. TWELVE dollars.
cried again.

as i was pulling up to our house i thought, i'm gonna check the mail. why can't there be a big anonymous check? right? then i prayed. "God, just show me that you CAN..." i turned the key with my eyes closed, looked inside. nope. just two bills. of course.. then i crouched down and looked again.. just in case. far back was a little red envelope jammed up against the back.
a little note from drew's cousin saying 'we are praying for you' and a check saying "thought you might enjoy this, we are praying for you".
it wasn't enough to buy a car. but its enough for me to know that God hears my prayers... and He is good, and He WILL provide.

Thank you Josh and Rebekah Kapcynski.. for being a little umbrella on my heart today.. and turning my sad tears, to tears of hope.

God is good.. He will provide.. and I will blog about it :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sigma Brushes

so i've been wanting sigma brushes for a long time... but really, they weren't even an option. i couldn't justify buying makeup brushes when we have bills to pay. i have to admit i settled for 'comparible' brushes... and now that i have the sigma brushes. they are NOT comparible.

i got 2 of the high definition (f80 and f82) sigmax brushes FREE using my swagbucks. its the only way i could feel okay about getting them! so finally today they arrived.. and they are AMAZING!

they are so dense that they don't waste product and the fibers are shorter to get a more precise application. i have to say, they are worth the price. FO SHO.

so i know i should be the spokesperson for swagbucks.. but for real, this way i get stuff i want without feeling guilty! you use it just like google or any other search engine, earn points and then redeem them for prizes.. i always go for giftcards...
Search & Win

swag away!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

how to: High Bun

so the bunny bun is back in.. just super high on your head. i made a quick video on how to do it. here are some pics. i did mine and sarah's the same, just pulled it out a little different. enjoy!

Monday, November 15, 2010


what is going on.
so yesterday I got in another accident.
we had a record high at church, went to lunch and was on the way to the park to watch the boys play basketball.
the kids had fallen asleep in the back, and as I was approaching the off ramp that was under construction and lined on both sides with barricades I saw a ball of wire. about the size of a tumbleweed. I couldn't tell if it was soft, hard...but because of the accident I had last week, I could hear the officer saying "if there is an obstruction in the road, you have to do whatever you can to avoid it". so I swirved around it, but the opening to the offramp was too narrow. the tip of my car hit one barricade and I hit the opposite wall, back and forth four or five times like a pinball machine.
At the first hit I said "oh no", but then when I hit the second time.. the car started tilting back and forth and it felt like we were going faster. Hit after hit I cried out to God "God, help us! LOOOOOORRRRRDDD".
I have never been full of so much fear, so quickly in my life. The horrible thought of something happening to one of my kids is unbearable. as I hit I kept thinking "no, please.. it can't end like this!".
when it finally stopped I was so scared to look back at the kids.

Jehu looks at me and goes "woah" and grins.. like it was fun for him.
and then Jael goes "mom, why did you hit the walls? now how are we gonna get to the park?"

oh. my.

luckily a police car was driving right behind me. she said all she saw was a big cloud of smoke go up and thought 'oh dear'. I guess my front tires blew up which caused the smoke.

when I got out of the car, I could not believe it. unbelievable.

the officer then said something quite interesting. she said "are you a christian?"
and I said "yes..definitely a christian" and she says "ok, I just feel in my spirit your family must be doing something really great... the devil is trying to keep you down. has other things been happening to you?" and I say "well, I got in an accident last week and my husbands truck broke down"..... she then gave me a hug and said "don't give up, He's doing good things through you"

I have to say, at one moment I felt like a damsel in distress and could see my prince in the distance. I wish I had a camera and non-shakey arms to take a picture..
The sun was setting and I could see a trail of dust.. Drew was running up above on the mounds of dirt that were piled up for construction, he slid all the way down to where our car was. I could see him running as fast as he could.. and it made me feel safe, so loved.
our good friends the Tuckers came and helped us. It is so good to have people who are calm and under control around.. I am so thankful for them.

At the end of all this. all I care about is that my kids are healthy and happy. a car is just a car.. objects are replaceable.. people are not.

Sarah came over that night with some coffee and to drop off her car for us to use.. again. not even a thought, she just came. such a good friend with a lovely heart. We still had the borrowed car from last week so we are good... but am so thankful for friends like her.

so with a stiff neck and sore body,many hours of crying, waking up in panic... I am so thankful that God has good plans for me and my family. that He protects us.. and that He IS doing great things...
ain't nobody gonna hold us down!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


today was an interesting day. bitter-sweet.
sometimes i don't like discovering things. ugh. i'm trying to be vague...but its hard to be honest when you are vague.

so today i realized a lot of things about people...and about myself. i get hurt easy. i am hypersensitive...and i feel let down a lot. i feel like i truly give myself to people, in friendship, in relationships.. if i'm in i'm in, if i'm not.. i get out.
i think it is a hard realization when many of the people you pour yourself into, very frequently, undoubtedly let you down. its sad. it hurts.
on the other hand, there are people who give and give. who love unconditionally. who are loyal, humble, loving... are there when you need them to be. like a true friend should be.
so today i was a bit torn. hurt. but happy. i allowed myself to feel let down, but just for a moment. i didn't want to allow that to overshadow all the love, and good relationships that filled my home. so today i am thankful for those....

i've heard the quote "don't make someone a priority, when to them you are only an option" many times. the truth is, i still make people a priority even when i know i am not a priority to them. even if they are not a good friend to me, i will still be a good friend to them. i guess it is something i don't understand, and i don't want to...because as long as i don't understand it, i won't be it.

the biggest and most important friend to me is my husband. today he listened, he extinguished fires in my heart, he encouraged me, loved me, was strong, was gentle... was everything i needed him to be.

so today i am a thankful woman. thankful for good friends. beautiful children. and the time i get to spend with them.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

mini get away

This is Sarah. Ain't she cute? She just had her THIRD baby 9 weeks ago. She is one of the strongest, most independant, confident women I know. But like most women when it comes to herself, and embracing her beauty.. she gets shy, giggly, and embarassed when people tell her how beautiful she is. She is gorgeous naturally. Trust me.. we were roomies in college, I've seen her at all hours, the girl doesn't need makeup. BUT since I LOVE makeup.. I thought it would be fun to do a little quickie mini makeover in a style she normally wouldn't wear. She is very natural and neutral... So just a little bit of red lipstick and eyeliner made a big POW. She is so cute. Doesn't she look like a teenaged intern working for Teen Vogue? I love it!
So last week me and my 2 girlfriends decided we needed an emergency, mini-vacation.. as cheap and as quick as possible. God is good. We got the hook up! we stayed in one of the nicest hotel/resorts in Palm Desert for the price of a best western.. got plane tickets nearly free... and got blessed with some fun money by one of the gals too....
they flew in monday evening. left me wednesday afternoon. just one day. one full day... but that is what we needed! we had so much fun just 'being'. its weird to not have a time constraint and just chat, eat, talk... enjoy. just for a minute. just for a day. So blessed we all have understanding supportive husbands who let us do this and hold the fort down with all the kiddos.
So today is back to our favorite little people and enjoying our blessed lives. Just a little retreat to reflect on all God has given us.
The older I get the more I realize the importance and rarity of good friends. So I am going to cherish the ones I have as much as I can.
Susie.. I'm coming to get you next!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

polka dot nails

Here is a quick way to get perfect polka dot nails using the Konad Nail art system! enjoy :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

the funny man upstairs

I have often thought that God must have a sense of humor. Not only because I see and enjoy things that are funny, but because of circumstances and how He so creatively works.

So my car had been in the shop for 2 weeks after having that freak accident on the freeway.
Let me pause for a second.
ok... you really don't realize the convenience of having a car until you don't have one. It is like someone stole your legs.. and you are home bound. can we say cabin fever?! So even though I was praying every day for my dream mini-van... I didn't realize how thankful I was for my car until it was gone.
ok back to story.
So the auto body shop calls to tell me my car should be ready soon. Seems like only a few moments passed when my husband calls to tell me his truck has died. (ok, for those of you who know him and his 'stud truck'...this is devastating to him.) My husband drives an 88 pickup that doesn't have a keyhole for the door, window wipers that work...on top of me having to crawl through the window at 8 months pregnant cuz the door doesn't open! He LOVES his truck.
Anyways, the auto body guy says needs a new battery and alternator.
So I think, in light of our automobile woes, I shall cook a grand meal. A belly full of food is a lot less grumpy...
So the kids and I are sitting at the table.. when I see this pull up:

do you see what it is?!

my husbands truck on top of the AAA tow truck, but inside the bed of HIS truck is a Barbie Jeep. WHAT IN THE WORLD?!

My husband subbed at the middle school and one of the ladies that worksthere brought it for my daughter!!!! It really drives too.
It was so funny! So the only person who has a car that drives is my 3 year old daughter...it does fit my son too, so that's a plus.
so if you are driving to church on sunday and see a Barbie jeep on the side of the freeway, it will be my kids on the way to church. no excuses now right?!
God is good and He makes me laugh.
During the last few weeks we have had generous people allow us to use their cars.. and I finally got mine back today.

I am still praying for my Toyota Sienna Mini Van though!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I love Keurig!

I got my keurig coffee maker last year for my birthday from my loving hubby. (or maybe it was more for him, because I am MUCH nicer after I've had my coffee!) anyways, I love it and still use it every day. If you are a coffee drinker, you should invest. you will save money in the end. I go to starbucks way less, and am 'happier' a lot quicker. haha! I swear, coffee has mood enhancers in it!

Anyways, here is a quick video to show you how it works if you haven't seen it before. Every cup is perfect and delicious!

ps. my new favorite lipstick by Rimmel is "airy fairy". its a really pretty nude... the only thing is, I feel like my lips smell like grandma! hahaa!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

no more stinky!

ok. so if you are anything like me, you'll appreciate this. More often than I would like to admit, I put a load of laundry in, only to forget about until the next time I do laundry. OR until I pass by the laundry machine and there is a musty odor coming from it...then i think 'oh crap'. Then, I run the machine again, only to do the same thing all over again. This happens WAY too often. That now, even when there is no overdue load in the washer, there are remnance of the musty-ness.
Anyways, I was at Super Target the other day and saw this little beauty on the counter staring back at me. Could it be? a solution to my musty problems?
So it comes with little packets inside. 6, I think. Anyways, you dump one packet in the washer (with NO clothes) and run it with warm water. and VOILA! your washer not only smells wonderful and new, it LOOKS cleaner!
I have to say that I've done 6 loads of laundry since and the laundry smells more fresh and clean too. So, I'm a believer!