Monday, April 9, 2012

tired headache

i have a tired headache
this had been an exhausting week. i don't know what's wrong with me. every day i am SO SO SO tired and then its almost like i'm so tired that i can't fall asleep when its finally night time. i lie in bed and tick tock tick tock...can't fall asleep. i get up to look at the clock (since i'm blind) and its 3am..then 4 am...then baby wakes up. then the day starts...and i'm so tired. *sigh.
its funny how when you are tired everything is out of whack. i feel so emotional,insecure,uncertain,irritated. the other day i kept having moment where i felt like i was gonna out of nowhere have a major cry fest. hasn't happened yet, so maybe it'll happen tonight!
anyways, still no phone. i feel so unorganized and lost! i don't know what time it is, day it is... hahahaa!! man i'm such a negative nancy right now! don't judge me, just love me. i need a hug :)
with that i shall sign off and try to get some laundry away so i can TRY to go to sleep early tonight. hope you all had a good week. get good rest!!!

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