Friday, April 6, 2012

Oh I loathe thee

I use to work at this summer camp and I remember a saying that one of the leaders use to say which I still use to this day. He would always ask the rest of the leaders "are you guys having a good day or a growing day?" what an awesome perspective to have...
so, with that said I am having a growing day.
Why is customer service so bad and frustrating? I hate that we have become so use to it that before even talking to the person on the other end of the line we are prepared to put up a fight. (I often have to remind myself it is not THEIR fault...although I've had some pretty horrible customer service reps in the past that quickly gave me the 'right' to get mad at them with their horrible attitude.. *ahem) anyways. my phone died the other day... it was a couple day gradual death. it would spontaneously black out, turn off,not turn on, not charge... now it finally quit on me. what a quitter.
After waiting for about 25 minutes I finally got to talk to customer service and she assured me my new phone would be here next day (being today). low and behold I get an email this morning saying "your phone has shipped" I was about to jump up and down and do the jig until I saw the next line "you're expected delivery time is April 10th by 730pm". uhm. deflated!
So, I shall go through Easter weekend with no phone.
I actually don't mind having no phone and not being on it every minute.. BUT driving around with 3 kids and no mode of communication does scare me. Especially since today we discovered a huge nail in the rear tire of our van.
Its funny how dependent we've become on really DOES make life easier and save time. I always wonder, what if we didn't have cell phones? people would have to wait until they got home or find a pay phone! can you imagine? haha!!! I remember when pagers came in and I thought I was the bees knees!
anyways I am beyond tired. last couple nights have been so restless for me. so today I am gonna try to get to bed before midnight.

Hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for your comments. It really means so much to me and encourages me so much. have a good night! restful sleep to all :)))

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