Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Milani Lip Glosses

Hey everyone! so Milani was nice enough to send me some goodies to review and of course I could not wait and had to start sharing! So I thought I'd start off with the lipgloss since I had a chance to wear them today.

colors from left to right:
flashy. hot flash. quick flash. golden flash. in a flash.
These are the new "haute flash" lip glosses, although I would call them more of a creamy lipstick rather than lipgloss. They have the texture of a 24 hour or long wear lipgloss, you know... the kind that feels creamy and kinda dry at the same time?

I had to try on the purpley "in a flash" one first since I have never had a color like that...and I have to say...I kinda like it. The glitter is a little bigger than what I would call "shimmer" but you know.

Here is the "Crystal Gloss" for lips much more sheer...
(and dang, I need to moisturize my arm! eek!)
In the picture below I'm wearing "fruit punch"

The Crystal Gloss is definitely more gloss like. Sheer, moisturizing and smell like vanilla (a lot like the MAC lipstuff)

hope that was helpful if you have any questions please ask!! goodnight!


  1. Love these!! How do you get the stuff to review??


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