Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Classy Jewelry by LaaLee

 So I know I've done a couple of "Mother's Day Gift Ideas" blogs... but I thought I'd show you what I got MY mom. She's a hard person to shop fore because she is very simple, classy... and picky.

These pieces are from an Etsy shop called Laalee

Gold Bow Earrings with Aquamarine

This shop has so many gorgeous pieces! very classy, delicate and simple. Most of the jewelry has different options for the semi precious stone that is used too. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Baby Essentials... some of my favorites, good to put on your Baby Registry!

 There is so much out there for babies!!! I swear doing a baby registry is so overwhelming. These are some items that I feel like I couldn't live without, so I thought I'd share them with you!

You can get these at Target or their website and I'm sure a ton of other places!
These are more than swaddle blankets. I find that most of the swaddle blankets out there aren't big enough and are usually made of the flannel material or something too thick. For me living in Southern California, these are perfect. Not only are they lightweight but the blanket is HUGE and so much easier to swaddle with. And you can use it for a million other things too!

Aden + Anais Dream Blanket (Classic)

Much like the swaddle blanket, this is made of the same breathable muslin...but with two layers and it is bigger for more of a full time blanket. I love that the more you use them and wash them.. the softer they get. Whereas I feel like most of the other baby blankets start off super soft and then get less soft as you wash.

Ergo Baby Carrier

If only I had this with the other two.. This carrier is my life saver. Not only does baby love it, but so does my back. I have gone through so many baby carriers and wish this was the first one I tried.
I love love love it!

Udder Cover and Poncho Baby

If you are planning to breastfeed I definitely recommend getting an Udder Cover (you can usually find a promo code online to get one free) Or a Poncho Baby which covers you from front to back

Avent Manual Breast Pump

Girls, I made a whole video on it about a year ago. There is too much to say... so here it is:

50 Random Facts About Me

I've wanted to do the 50 Random Things About Me for a bit, but it was hard thinking of 50 things that might be interesting!! 

I hope you go to know me a little better!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm

use "mymoodymama" in promo code for 15 % off!

I love korean cosmetics for their formulas... but I am such a sucker for their pretty packaging too!

Love the girly princess-ness of Lioele stuff!

Mama's got some big pores.
I mean.. HUGE. 
Ironically I have really dry skin too which isn't a pretty combo. So I'm always looking for a good primer, pore minimizer... basically some plaster to fill those puppies in!!

this is the Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm
It feels like a fluffy, bouncy marshmallow. It kind of crumbles when you dig in, but if you warm it in between your fingers it becomes a creamy consistency.
I use it like a primer, before I put anything else on (after my moisturizer).
It give you a matte finish like a face primer would and fills in your pores to give you a nice smooth finish. I love it! My only concern is that this little pot ain't gonna last me long!

To purchase Lioele Korean cosmetics:

*you also get samples with your purchase, and I already have some samples I need to turn into big mama sizes!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

What I've learned about Motherhood.

The longer I'm a mom, the more I realize I don't really know anything about motherhood.
The more I understand about me as a child...and the affect it has on me as a mother.

I realize a lot of things that I did not have and do not have now... and what I want to give my children.

I have to admit being a mom, I wish I had the support and help that I see a lot of people around me have. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty independant and like my space. BUT once in a while, when I'm sick, tired... or just need a break... I'm jealous of those who have help.

Pregnant now with my fourth baby I can count the number of times probably on one hand the times we've left our kids to go on a date. We don't have a baby sitter... its just us. We've just made it part of our lives to take them everywhere with us. 
If the kids aren't with one of us, they are with the other.
Majority of the time I like it that way. I enjoy my family and know that it is just a season and try to savor every moment. We chose to be parents and we love it.

There are the few, emotional, needy moments I have that make me frustrated, hurt and jealous of moms that have THEIR moms readily available to help with their kids. I know life isn't fair, and do I blame them? no... every girl should have a supportive, helpful, encouraging, loving mom in their corner. The reality is... is that not everyone has that...and as unfair as it is... that's just life. Maybe being use to doing it on my own has made me hard and unsympathetic to people who get help on a daily basis and complain that it is too much. Maybe its because when I see moms that help their daughters who are moms it makes me sad that I don't have that kind love that I always wish I had. Maybe its because once in a while I want to be told I'm doing a good job. Maybe its because I want my kids to feel like they are #1 to someone other than their parents.

Maybe its just been on my mind too since we are about to have another and I realize its about to get a little harder. After giving birth to the last two babies we didn't have any meals delivered, someone to clean the house or run our errands. We just did it. and I'm proud of us for doing it.

I am sure my hormones are raging and already being an emotional person I am peaking right now.

I know this all sounds so negative... but all this to say I'm thankful to have a supportive and helpful husband, a God who gives me strength, grace and mercy and always provides... and a pen so I can write down how I want to be when my kids have kids!

so basically what I've learned is there is no perfect mom, no one has all the answers and everyone needs a little help, a little encouragement a little reminder that even though they are a mom... they are still someone's child. Inside every mom is a little girl who is just trying to figure it out as they go.

April Favorites

Hey friends! Hope you are having a good week. Woke up to a cloudy day... perfect for hot chocolate and movies with my babies.
Here are some products I've been loving this month! some great new discoveries :)

Products mentioned:

Intense Body Butter in Warm Vanilla Sugar- Bath and Body Works
Perfume- Burberry The Beat and Victoria's Secret Angel
Mocha Meteor Eyeshadow-Too Faced Cosmetics
Lip Scrub- NYCMetrogirl
Secret Pore Rich Balm- Lioele Cosmetics 
Exfoliating Cotton Rounds- Target
Handcrafted Bulldog ring- Etsy,com/yaci
300 ct bobby pins- Sally's Beauty Supply
Noosa Yogurt
Fiber One Chewy Kids Bars
Donut House Cinnamon Roll K Cups- coffeehouseexpress
African Rooibos Red Tea -coffeehouseexpress

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Monogram Necklace in Sterling Silver or 18k Gold...and giveaway!

I have wanted one of these necklaces forever!!
So pretty and delicate...and personalized!

I have been wearing mine every day since I got it. 
They will be giving away one like mine to one of my lovely viewers!
Please check out their shop. Its a perfect gift for any mom, wife, sister, friend... or yourself... 
that's what I did!

Leave a message below this blog post or on YouTube

Giveaway will end next Wednesday, May 1st 2013
Good luck!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Handcrafted Bulldog Ring

How cute is this little guy!!!?!
This is another etsy find from Yaci
Handcrafted KOPO metal.
Definitely an art piece. Looks like a little sculpture to me and the details are amazing!!

These go for about $70ish USD
He has so many other cute pieces in his shop as well including gorillas, bunnies, skulls....
love love love it!!
Here is my little video so you can see it in action! haha!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Please email me by Tuesday, 12pm or a new winner will be chosen

Debi Dean Personalized Necklace: Suzie G
Iphone Case: Misaki 52008
Personalized Acrylic Monogram Necklace: Jewel A

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cute Nursing Bras!!!

what?! WHAT?!
no way!!!

Ok... pregnant with #4...and I'm thrilled I'm discovering all this cute stuff.
(I discovered the Ergo Baby Carrier with #3 and wish I had it with the first two!)

So with each baby I've been on the hunt for cute nursing bra's. Because hey, just because you feel like a milked cow... doesn't mean you have to look like one!!
I think cute underwear always  makes you feel good... and no one knows why. 
I remember when I was  young my mom saying "what if you get in an accident and people see your underwear?!" That has always stuck with me... silly I know.. but GIRL... throw away them granny panties and old lady bras and put something colorful on!!


these are from You! Lingerie . They have cute little bra and panty sets for pregnant and nursing moms... which I think is great.. and their prices are reasonable too!

Here is my review of them!
Good luck sexy nursing mamas!!

Every day is a new day

Last year we went on our first real vacation as a family. So this year we decided that we will use part of our tax return and force ourselves to take a vacation. What a novel idea... I don't know why we didn't do this sooner. Growing up we didn't really do family vacations....and if we did go somewhere, it was usually me and my sister making up games or discovering things on our own.
I want my kids to have a lot of good memories. Of mom and dad having fun with them and knowing that we made them a priority. That we took time off and made it just about us.... our family.

I'm sure other moms feel this way, but I often come to the end of the day feeling bad. Wishing I had been more patient, attentive, fun... the kind of mom that you dream of. The reality is... a lot of days (especially pregnant and nauseous) I feel like I'm on survival mode. 
I don't want to just survive. I want to thrive.
I often feel bad. I feel guilty. For not letting the kids help make dinner because it just faster that way. For not stopping what I'm doing to help my daughter draw the perfect dress on her princess she spent so long drawing. For not atleast TRYING to make good sound effects and have a battle with my son... or just get down on the ground and roll around with the little one.
 I let that guilt eat me up. I cry and then pray that my kids don't remember me as a grumpy, no fun mom. Then I realize I have another chance, another moment, another day..another night... to make things right, to do things right. To stop and listen, look, play, draw. battle dinosaurs... 
No mom is perfect. I know we often see moms that 'seem' perfect... but they are not. I promise.

With that said, I'm glad we took the week off to laugh, have fun, and relax... 
We already decided we shouldn't wait another year to do it again. 
And I have already decided I need to stop being such a control freak. 
let them be kids.
stop saying no so much.
and live.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Medieval Times

Buena Park, California

I had the opportunity to take my family to Medieval Times during our family vacation. 
We had so much fun!!

Tips for visiting with small children:

*We arrived early 5:45pm, the show starts at 7:00pm
If you purchase your tickets online in advance, there really is no need to go too early. Your seats will be assigned and the long wait might make your children antsy. There are things to do while you wait: look at horses, weapons, merchandise (and if you drink, drinks...)

*Since you eat everything with your hands, be aware that there is hot soup and hot chicken. I tore my kids food apart with my hands so it could cool off.
*If your kids are too small to drink from a cup, I would bring a sippy cup or a straw. Its dark too, so trying to let your little one drink from your cup might end up in a wet baby and lap.
*The show is 2 hours long. My kids did fine, but I could tell it was a bit long for the really young ones. 

The food:
Oh hello yummers!
I was so shocked at how good the food was.
If you are not a soda drinker (like my husband) the only other option is unsweetened iced tea and water.

On the Menu:
Yummy Garlic bread
Tomato Bisque soup
Chicken (huge)
Potato (kinda dry)
and Pastry.. We got an apple pie pastry that was DELICIOUS!
even my picky eater dug in and kept telling me it was so yummy!

Our server named "Otis" was so amazing. He was so nice and catering to our family which really made our experience so much better!!

The Cast:
Before the show you run into some cast members. They are all very nice and totally stay into character.
My little girl won the "Queen of the Tournament" sash during the show which was so nice.

Upgrading to the Royalty Package:
I definitely think it is worth it. 
You get to sit in the very front.
You get your team's flags to wave, literature and DVD to take home with you

 At first I thought my kids were too young to really appreciate it.
The older ones are 4 and 6.
I was wrong. They were SO INTO IT. They were cheering and oohing and aahhing the whole time.
Already they are asking me when we can go back!!

At first I thought...wow... tickets are expensive, but now experiencing it I totally understand why the ticket cost is what it is. 
The amount of people it takes to run this show is amazing. The knights and horses... the training. Now I am shocked the tickets aren't more!!

If you are considering taking a trip to Medieval Times I definitely think you should. Its a fun night and and a great way to make memories with your family!!

Here is a little VLOG of our trip!

Mother's Day Gift Idea's Part 3 & ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!!

OK I have some more great Mother's Day Gift Ideas for you!
These again are all from Etsy so please check them out...

Super cute bath and body products. The great thing I like about this shop is that you can buy individual products, but she also makes pre-made little packages and will do them for showers, parties, events etc. 
Perfect for mother's day or any other special event in your life!
She sent me a little sample package so I can try before I buy.
so cute!

I think my favorite of the pack was this little lip scrub. At first I thought it was lip balm until I looked a little closer. It sloughs off the dead skin flakes and leaves your lips feeling so soft. Ironically I was just thinking I needed to scrub my lips. All this lipstick wearing I tell you!

Another product I really liked was this sample sized bar of soap. Very reminiscent of something you would find in lush. I like the homemade feel and smell of these!

Morgan Prather

I love how these are packaged... everything in this shop is little and delicate. 
The attention to little details is right up my alley.
I love it all!!!

I got this little itty bitty wish bone. You can't really tell how small it is in the picture, but look at it in comparison to my fingernail.
So little and precious. I love it!!!

I paired it with these little discs with the initials of my family on it. 
I really like stacking necklaces so these are perfect for stacking with some of my pieces that are a little bigger. These are so light too, it doesn't even feel like you are wearing anything!

Trendy Designzz

I don't know anyone who doesn't have a phone case on their phone.
This shop has cases for Iphone 4, 4s and 5
You can get it in hard plastic or rubber... how cute are these? and they are only $18!!


So Trendy Designzz is going to be giving away ONE winner a custom phone case that they can choose from their etsy shop!! wooohoooo!!!

to enter:
Comment in any of the folowing places under this post:
Twitter (tweet me about the phone case giveaway)


Here is a video showing you the products!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Part 2 & Personalized necklace GIVEAWAY

These beautiful pieces are from an Etsy shop called:

Debi Dean

From beginning to end I am so impressed with this shop. She makes beautiful, personalized silver jewelry. I am such a sucker for packaging so when I opened my mail to this package I was seriously choked up I know.. I'm hormonal, and its just jewelry.. but hey...

I love the coloring and "homemade-ness" of her packaging!

Ok so my favorite piece is this little love letter necklace. How amazing is it?!
Its a little silver envelope that has an actual clasp...

and when you open it up there is a little letter that you can personalize!!! 

The next necklace I got which I've been wearing together with my love letter necklace has 2 little pendants. I put an initial for my husband and one for me...since it is our little love letter to each other.
I know.. it's cheesey... 

This necklace was pre-made but I immediately thought of a deserving mommy that it would be perfect for. I love the elongated heart and star. so unique and pretty!

The winner will this beautiful PERSONALIZED NECKLACE!!

Giveaway Ends Sunday April 21st, 2013
To Enter:
Comment below this blog post
Facebook: like page and comment below this video
YouTube: subscribe, like and comment on this video
Twitter: Tweet me about this giveaway and hashtag #alittleaboutalot

Good luck everyone!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Ideas & GIVEAWAY!

Mother's day is  Sunday May 12th!

As time goes by me and my husband just find it easier (I am a hard person to shop for!) if I just find a handful of things I like and either he will choose from that list...or I'll STRONGLY encourage him towards one thing or another. haha!! So I love etsy shops because I can get something unique and personal...just for me

I thought I would share some mother's day gift ideas for those who are stuck or are looking for a gift for your mom, sister, friend... or even yourself!
I love etsy. To me its like living vicariously through super artsy and crafty people. I also love the thought of supporting artists that are doing what they love!

Stamped by Michele

personalized stamped jewelry.
so in love with this brass cuff. 
You can personalize the message up to 35 characters including spaces. My husband got me a necklace a long time ago that said "you are loved beyond measure". I loved it and was so heart broken when I lost it. I got the same words stamped into this cuff... I'm in love

Frosted Willow

beautiful bangles.
This one is called "bouncing baby boy" for expecting mothers. I got it with a "J" for my name. How pretty is it? I love how delicate and organic so many of the pieces look. You could definitely keep adding more bangles.  I had a hard time debating between this one and one with leaves. (mmm its not too late, I still might get it. haha!)

Miss Top Knot

maybe the lady you are buying for isn't such a jewelry freak like I am. I thought these beanies were so cute! they are made from up-cycled materials...how cool is that? both of these are super light and breathable so definitely wearable for spring and summer. (they are unisex too!)
Miss top knot started off making yoga mat carriers like the one below..and I know many a mama who goes to yoga class, so its a thoughtful AND  useful gift!

Blonde in a Bathtub

 what mom doesn't like smell good soaps? I love the packaging on these... the retro/vintage vibe makes a simple thing so special... 

 Shiloh Valley Designs

eeeeeek!!!! I love this necklace. Monogrammed acrylic on a silver chain..and of course in turquoise. Definitely gonna be a favorite for spring and summer! 
They make it in so many styles and shapes. Necklaces, bracelets, keychains...

AND... this is the GIVEAWAY!!!! WEEHOO!!!!
Shiloh Valley Designs is going to be giving away a personalized necklace!

ONE of the following:
follow my blog and leave a comment below this post
like and comment below this post on facebook
Subscribe and comment below this video on YouTube

You can comment anything about motherhood, your mother....mother figures.

Giveaway will close on Thursday, April 18th 2013