Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY hair clips

I found these super cute felt stickers at Michaels that I thought would look perfect as hairclips.. cute and crafty! so here is a quick video on how to make them. SO SO SO EASY!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


So every year when January 1st comes around me and my husband go on a date and set our goals for the next year. Before we start we pull out our lists from last year and check if we had done them or not. We write 20 goals, for us personally as a family and other. This year we got a late late start and did it last night. It is good to see last year (and past years) things we accomplished and the ways in which God blessed us and provided for us through the year. When we are done, I have a cork board by the bathroom mirror where it stays for the whole year so as we brush our teeth in the morning we can look over and remind ourselves of our goals.
A couple of my goals this year are simple, yet hard. To be more patient, smile more, laugh hard with my kids and make sure to tell every family member every day how much I love them and how important they are to me.
My beloved grandma passed away last year. She raised me and was such a beautiful soul (my youngest baby looks just like her!). After she passed I've had a lot of 'I wish I' moments. Where I wish I visited her more, brought the kids to see her, called her more often.... So in light of that I want to be more intentional about those small things that I wish I could just have one more chance to do. Give hugs, laugh...
puts things into perspective. reminds you not the sweat the small stuff... and really savour each day. So in the moments when my kids are driving me nuts, I tell myself they will never be this size again and one day I will miss this.
anyways, I am loving the rain outside and am gonna enjoy my morning cup of coffee! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and know that you are loved :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boingy Curls!

I've wanted a curling wand for a while but didn't want to pay a lot. I took a chance on a cheaper one at Target for $25 and I love it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have not printed pictures since my son was about 2 months old, he is now 3. I have all these folders on my computer of pictures that have been waiting to get sorted through. Digital cameras are awesome because you can download and be done with it.. BUT you take so many more pictures, so sorting through them is a lot more work! So I spent all day yesterday making folders to print and I am only halfway through 2009! waaahh! I am printing them through shutterfly, when you sign up you get 50 free prints, use coupon code ship30 for free shipping and print30 for 30% off PLUS you can prepay and get your prints for 9 cents! *phew. that was a mouthful. So... if you are like me... start printing those prints! I keep having this fear that if my computer crashed I'd be totally screwed. Now I need to go to Marshall's/Ross and get some cute photo albums. I have to admit, going through the pictures was fun. It seems so long ago, but yet just yesterday that my older two were just babies. I am glad that in this short time we've already made so many good memories. That they laugh a lot and have a good life.
So on this gloomy, cloudy morning.. I have thousands of rays of sunshine to look through as I get myself organized! Have a great day!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

how to be a more thoughtful person

I am always striving to be a more thoughtful, intentional person. I think that one of the best gifts you can give someone is your thoughtfulness....so here are some simple tips that I think will help as you work on being a more thoughtful person.

listen. This is the first and most basic step. A lot of people ask you how you are doing, but not a lot of people really care or stay long enough to listen. Usually they say it mid stride and don't really slow down if you happened to say anything more than "fine". So when people are talking to you, or those around you... listen. Listen to what they are going through in their lives, upcoming events (tests, performances etc.) things that they are excited about, worried about.. need prayer for. Usually people are pretty open about sharing what is going on their lives, you just have to take the time to listen.

pay attention. This goes along with listening, but using your other senses. Some of us are naturally observant people.. others, not so much. Whether you are or aren't..practice paying attention. Notice when people are carrying a lot of bags, carrying an umbrella that is broken, what they are drinking, colors they like, things they collect... all these things will help you in being more thoughtful. Noticing these things are the key to being thoughtful in the way that will bless them where they are, rather than what you think they want or need.

act.This is often the step that I have a hard time with. A lot of times a certain person will come into my mind over and over throughout the day or even the week and I think to myself that I should give them a call, text, e-mail just to see how they are doing or do something thoughtful. I often get sidetracked even though I keep reminding myself to do something for that person. So the easiest thing is to do it as soon as you think of it. I really believe that many of these times God is telling me to do something for them, or to encourage them because they need it. He uses us to build and encourage each other in a tangible way.. so I like to think God is using me as His hands and heart to bless someone He loves.

so whether it is a quick note in the mail, a text or maybe its something HUGE... be aware of those around you and people that come to your mind, you can be His hands and feet too :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012


ok. *deep breath
I've been thinking about becoming more serious about couponing. Every time I watch Extreme Couponing on TLC I think... woah, that is SO me.
I think I hesitate because I'm an all or nothing person. and when I'm all in, I'm ALL IN.
So in fear of becoming a crazy addicted, hoarding couponer.. I've satisfied myself with the regular coupon life... until last night.
Last night I had a burst of excitement an energy and went on a rampage for coupons. So.. I think, I may have let a monster out of the closet.
I was online for about 5 hours yesterday printing, clipping and sorting coupons.. then this morning, tied up my hair, fed baby and trekked out to what I thought would be a easy quick trip. WRONG. couponing is a lot of work AND time consuming people!!!
so with that said, I'll start posting really good deals if I find them and keep you updated :)
here are some good sites I've been using so far: ( I know there is more, but mama is tired!)

so with that said, I saved about $30 on my trip to Target today.. not too bad.. CVS was a different story. I almost pooped my pants.

oh and I changed the settings on this blog (because Amy made me) so anyone can comment or e-mail posts. hopefully that helps!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yummy Breakfast Scramble

I made this the other day for my friend while she visited and she asked me what was in it, so I thought I would post it. All the ingredients can be altered depending on how much of each thing you want, and what you have in your fridge. I usually make a mish mash of whatever I can find. This is what is in this one:

7 small red potatoes. peeled and cut into cubes
1/2 sweet onion chopped
1 red bell pepper (or any color, i just had red)
6 eggs
1/2 polish sausage link cut into pieces
( I had mushrooms too, but I forgot to put them in!)

1. cook potatoes in vegetable oil over medium heat until golden brown and crispy (this takes the longest to do) when they are 3/4 done, add onion and bell peppers
2. in a separate pan cook sausage links, when they are done put them on a plate with a paper towel to soak up the grease.
3. in a separate pan scramble eggs. I add a little bit of milk to make them extra fluffy and a pinch of salt and pepper
4. when everything is done, mix them all together and serve! yum!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Toe Tourniquet

Day 2 after Toe Tourniquet

Yesterday I was changing my 9 week old baby and she started crying, then screaming. I didn't know what was wrong so I started searching her body for something that was hurt. When I reached her feet, one of her toes was PURPLE!!!!! upon further inspection, there was a hair that had wrapped itself around 2 of her toes in the fold of her toe joint so I couldn't even see it. It was so tight I could not even get a nail around it, and every time I touched she would scream. *panic
So I got my little pointy nail scissors. uh, scarey thought when your baby is screaming and kicking her legs! I managed to cut the hair off to find that it had cut through her skin, all the way around her toes. it looked like she had fake toes screwed on! Poor baby. I put some neosporin on it and put some socks on. I was hoping when I looked today it would look better, but it still looks so ouchie. especially the under toe.
so I googled it, like I google everything...and I guess it pretty common, but some babies loose their toes that way!! I guess if the blood flow is restricted for too long the ligament can die?! scarey so scarey. So today I've been checking her toes and fingers like every 10 minutes... waaah!

Friday, January 6, 2012


I think one of the worst things in the world is to be told you did not live up to someone's expectations. Even if they say that is a 'compliment' because their expectations of you were so high... still make you feel like a failure. I realize I have high expectations for people...and that's why I feel let down a lot. I guess it goes both ways! (of course I would like to think I NEVER make mistakes and am perfect.. hah!)

on a completely unrelated note: Kissing Elixir

Isn't this cute? its 100% all natural fresh breath mist.
"Give sugary breath mints, and artificially sweetened products the kiss-off! Sugar Free, Long Lasting. Like love itself this potent and concentrated mint vanilla flavor burst is not for the faint of heart. It will take your breath away. On the go instant breath freshening.
Convenient size for pocket or purse."

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Love Languages

ok this is a book i read probably over 10 years ago that i still refer to, so i thought i would share!

ok i am so bad about blogging. when i started this blog i thought i would do it more and stopped my old blog, and now i hardly do it. so i will make it one of my new years goals to blog more, and try to be interesting about it!