Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fever Babies

I got this Zarbee's cough syrup a while ago for free using my coupons, and boy has it come in handy! it actually works, is packed full of vitamins the kids need when they are getting sick...and they seem to like the flavor okay too (huge bonus compared to the normal gagging they usually do)

I hate when my kids get sick. I feel so helpless...and paranoid. All these horrible 'what ifs' go through my mind. am I the only one? or are other moms like that too?
My son got sick the other day and woke up yesterday with a temperature of 103...we were in Arizona and still had to drive back to Cali. ugh. So we packed up and started driving. I hate seeing them sick, lethargic, eyes glazed over and so out of it. Moments like that make me wish they were running around yelling at each other! Drove all the way home safely and when we got him, he started acting weird. delirious. he kept thinking he was falling and would freak out. My husband took him to urgent care and they told him he had a cold virus. nothing serious, but that it just had to run its course. The delirium is normal with fevers I guess, I never heard of it before. 
So today he is feeling a bit better, but my oldest daughter is now coming down with the same thing. 

We were out of town for a week. Usually when we go on any kind of trip it is stressful for me. This trip was super busy, not a lot of down time to just rest and sleep but it was good. refreshing in a different way.  you know how people say they 'fell in love all over again' with their spouse, or with the Lord... this trip I feel like I fell in love all over again with my kids. They are good kids. Each one of them I love so dearly and in such different ways.  I know that I am blessed... I love them so much. pray for them every day, every night. I hope they grow up knowing they are loved, worth so much and live long healthy lives and have beautiful families of their own. 

time for advil.

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