Friday, March 27, 2015

Super Target, Kia Soul, Cabazon

ok I know I am not the only one who goes to Target way too often!!

We LOVED this Kia Soul!!!

There is strong, and then there is MOM STRONG. Am I right? 
Loving this shirts from Golden Coast Threads! Pants from Fabletics

Fabkids Shoes & Outfit Picks!

Love all the new sandals out for the girls on ! Get $15 off!

IG pic of the day:

love these little girls!!!

March Boxy Charm Unboxing!

Love my Boxy Charm!

IG pic of the day:

My kids LOVE the park. Am I the only one that had a heart attack every 2 seconds? all those open 'doors' for them to fall out of freak me out. So I climb, duck, slide and get stuck with them. haha!!

Fitness Update!

IG pic of the day:

Loving this shirt from Walk in Love!!
Pants are from Fabletics

Current Mom & Kid Favorites!

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Morning planning with some fresh muffins and looking through my Aarti Paarti cookbook!

Chit Chat Q & A

IG pic of the day:

Tried out a new look today. No eyeliner and brown lips! love this matte lipstick in Matte Frappucino from Jordana cosmetics!

Clogs for Spring! JUSTFAB

IG pic of the day:

the Angie clog from JUSTFAB
Get $10 off your order!

Beauteque BB Bag!

IG pic of the day:

Loving all these new Matte lipsticks!
NYX Matte lipstick in Shocking Pink

Etude House Haul | Korean Cosmetics!

Thank you Cecilia for my goodies!!

IG pic of the day:

My little castle hand creams from this Etude House haul! aren't they darling?!

#dearme tag | Advice to My Younger Self

I had a feeling I would have a hard time not crying making this video, but I had no idea I would get this emotional! I have to admit I feel awkward and uncomfortable watching this BUT I decided to post it because I know there are young women who need to hear this.
The thought of any of my kids, even for a moment, feeling the way I did when I was younger broke my heart. So for those of you who are feeling in any way similar, don't give up hope. Better days are coming!

Me Time Tag!

What do you guys do for "me time"?

IG pic of the day:

not only do I love planners... I also have this wall calendar that I use! this one is from Target, I think it was $7?!?

February Favorites!

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Love this little boy and his smiley eyes!!

Memebox Anti-Aging Unboxing!

Actively Believing in your Dreams

BoxyCharm Unboxing + Canceled Ipsy?!

I have been loving Boxy Charm so much and not so loving my Ipsy bag so I decided to cancel my Ipsy. I figure I can keep the $10 and save up for something I really want! 

Boxy charm you get 4-5 FULL sized products, and brands you've heard of and want!
See what I got this month!

IG pic of the day:

Got to go on a wedding date with this handsome husband of mine. 

I use to cry at weddings because it seemed like a fairytale and I was like a little girl dreaming, wishing and wondering what it would be like to be in love like that.  Now I cry at weddings because I understand what is really happening.  I understand the depth of the commitment they are making, the struggles they will face and the joy that is incomparable.  Knowing a love so deep and being completely vulnerable with someone and trusting them with your heart in their hands.  I cry at weddings now because I know of the beauty and depth of life they are about to experience and it is beautiful.  I say a silent prayer and ask God to bless their marriage, to give them joy, good communication and to never give up on each other.  Love is a beautiful thing. I am reminded today of how I felt marrying this man on our wedding day.  The anticipation and hope for what our lifeworld be like has been surpassed in so many ways, and I am thankful and thankful some more.  I believe in love... for eternity. 

Would You Rather?

I was tagged by the beautiful Jlynnemama on YouTube to do this tag. Love tags like this!

IG pic of the day:

I'm so in love with these custom stickers I got from !
They are $5 a sheet (so I used up some credit I had) aren't they so cute?!

February Urthbox | Healthy, YUMMY snacks!

Loving all the snacks I'm getting in my Urthboxes!!

IG Pic of the Day:

Salad Bibimbap from Red Hot Kitchen... yum!!!

Beauteque: Head To Toe Beauty Bag has gorgeous beauty bags now! unlike other subscription bags these ones you buy as you like them, perfect! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Schoola Clothing Haul!

Aldo Shoes shown are from Schoola

You all know how I love a good deal... so thrifting, it's my thang. 
Have you heard of Schoola? It's an online thrift store that gives 40% of your purchase back to schools. So for my haul of $100 worth of merchandise, $40 went to the school that donated the item. 

Want to see what I got?  As you know, you can be a student at any age... so if you're looking for adult sizes, just click in the 13+ column (that's what I did!)

Click the video to see all the things I got!

Now I know everyone has clothes they need to get rid of, you can donate to Schoola and help them give back! I already sent in a bag (they are prepaid) and ordered some do we accumulate so much and why do my kids grow so fast?!

If you are interested use my link  below and we both get $15 credit!!

Floral Pants shown are from Schoola

Schoola provided items for this haul. I was not paid to post, all opinions and thoughts are honest and my own.