Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bright & Bold on a Gloomy day

woke up to a rainy gloomy day. which I actually don't mind. reminds me of rainy days in Vancouver. 
I have always been a color lover. I don't think I owned anything black in my wardrobe until I was well into my twenties. I feel like color just makes me happy, and make people around you feel bright. am i right? I hope so! my favorite color is yellow... like lemon, sunshine yellow. its just so happy. after yellow, anything bright and happy is good with me. 

is it sad I can't wait to be a old little lady so I can wear REALLY bright stuff and have lipstick all over and everything bedazzled? I envision myself as a jolly old lady with lots of color on and laughing a lot. I hope so. 

sweater: kohl's
scarf: target
bag: marshall's
jeans: vigoss from nordstrom rack
boots: love culture
belt: 50 cents at the thrift store!

hope you all have a bright and colorful day!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

those 2 little lines!

so crazy how 2 little lines can change your life!
we are so excited to be adding one more to our family!
yes we planned it. yes we are excited. yes we are crazy!

I have to say though. Before we got married I was told I could not have kids and after we got married my doctor was certain we would have to go through fertility treatments and would not be able to conceive naturally. I am so thankful that God is bigger than my limitations and that He has blessed me and my family! so here with go with number four!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Croup and the letter W

so we are all sick. 
one gets better, another gets sick. I guess its kind of inevitable in a family with little kids.

the littlest one has croup. such a horrible thing. the honking barking cough and wheezing makes me so nervous. been taking a lot of bundled up walks in the cold air to try to help.
my heart hurts when my kids are sick, especially when they are too little to tell me what hurts.
I wish I could take away all their sick days!

its funny how when they are sick nothing else seems to matter and you just want them to feel better again. Being a parent has made me understand God's love for me so much more. 
it is so much deeper, wider, longer than I can possibly imagine.

on a different note, my kids are OBSESSED with this song....we listen to it ALL day. I have to admit, its pretty catchy. all of us end up singing and dancing along.
they have a song for every letter, but W is definitely the best!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

the end of the world

do I believe its the end of the world tomorrow? no.
do I live as if each day was my last? yes.

Every day I look at my kids and my husband and I am thankful. I cannot understand or fully grasp how my life has changed and become what it is right now. God has been so good to me. 

In light of all that happened last week I have spent less time fussing, nagging, shushing and being busy. 
I've been spending more time loving, hugging, laughing, giving full attention, reflecting and appreciating.
my mind cannot go there. I cannot imagine.
all I know is that God is a God of peace, love and joy. in ALL circumstances.
so I am praying that for all those who need it and cannot utter the words to a God that seems so far away. 

Hope you are all staying warm, your hearts are filled with love and your spirit full of peace.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Crowd Tap

Have you guys heard of Crowd Tap? 
The other day some friends came into town and our friend gave me a glorious coupon for Old Navy. She said one was to share with a friend. woohoo!!! I didn't fully read it until the next day, but it was for a top AND bottom from their active line (not including sale items). So I took a stroll to Old Navy to look at their active wear. I am NOT an 'activewear' person because, c'mon lets be honest. I'm not so active. but ooooohhh.. I got some active pants that I will wear as super comfy leggings and a zip up with sleeves that actually go all the way down to my hands! this was a $60 value! 

so on the card it said 'oldnavystylecouncil'. So of course when I got home I had to look it up. She had mentioned that it was similar to swagbucks... which I am a HUGE HUGE fan of. Over the past couple years I've earned more than a hundred giftcards! (mostly to amazon).

Oh gosh.
this is starting to sound like an infomercial.

so I joined crowdtap (hopefully under my coupon giving friend Amber) yesterday and I am addicted! you earn points and it seems eventually get samples/products from companies such as the old navy deal and you can redeem points for giftcards, just like swagbucks!!!
anyways I thought I would share with you guys! if you want to join click the crowd tap logo above and we both get points! happy crowd tapping!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Seasons Box Review and Giveaway!

I love services like this. They make gift giving so much easier! I usually opt for a Harry & David fruit tower or something when I want to send a little something that nice...but this.. this is fabulous. 
you get FULL sized products that are neatly and beautifully packaged sent to yourself or to someone you love! You can do it as a one time gift or you can do it as a subscription. ( I personally think this is a great treat to get yourself or someone you love because then they get a surprise every once in a while!)

So wanted to give one of my subscribers a box of their own! wooohooo!! I love gifts and I love free! So here are the rules:

1. go and 'like' their Facebook page
2. write a comment on their page saying that I "alittleaboutalot" sent you and something you love about the holiday season
3. be a subscriber of mine on YouTube
4. like my Facebook page (optional, i don't wanna force anyone to like me!!! hahaha!)

Good luck everyone! I'm gonna go make some chocolate tea and get this nose drip under control!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Today's Tidbit: Fear is NOT your friend

hey err body! I took a little break. Just wanted to enjoy family and time. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I cannot believe how close Christmas is!! so crazy.

Been thinking and reflecting a lot lately on why I let fear dictate anything I do, or don't do for that matter. Fear is not my friend. It does not want the best for me and stops me from doing great things...but only if I let it.
I had the thought the other day, what if God could not do anything BUT bless me. then what would I do? then I had the other thought, He DOES bless me. shoot. simple but huge lightbulb over my head!!!
so now what am I gonna do? I need to think up something great!

anyways I hope this encourages you just a little bit to do something, try something or even maybe just realize a little bit that you CAN do great things. :)