Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fever Babies

I got this Zarbee's cough syrup a while ago for free using my coupons, and boy has it come in handy! it actually works, is packed full of vitamins the kids need when they are getting sick...and they seem to like the flavor okay too (huge bonus compared to the normal gagging they usually do)

I hate when my kids get sick. I feel so helpless...and paranoid. All these horrible 'what ifs' go through my mind. am I the only one? or are other moms like that too?
My son got sick the other day and woke up yesterday with a temperature of 103...we were in Arizona and still had to drive back to Cali. ugh. So we packed up and started driving. I hate seeing them sick, lethargic, eyes glazed over and so out of it. Moments like that make me wish they were running around yelling at each other! Drove all the way home safely and when we got him, he started acting weird. delirious. he kept thinking he was falling and would freak out. My husband took him to urgent care and they told him he had a cold virus. nothing serious, but that it just had to run its course. The delirium is normal with fevers I guess, I never heard of it before. 
So today he is feeling a bit better, but my oldest daughter is now coming down with the same thing. 

We were out of town for a week. Usually when we go on any kind of trip it is stressful for me. This trip was super busy, not a lot of down time to just rest and sleep but it was good. refreshing in a different way.  you know how people say they 'fell in love all over again' with their spouse, or with the Lord... this trip I feel like I fell in love all over again with my kids. They are good kids. Each one of them I love so dearly and in such different ways.  I know that I am blessed... I love them so much. pray for them every day, every night. I hope they grow up knowing they are loved, worth so much and live long healthy lives and have beautiful families of their own. 

time for advil.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Traveling with Kids

Ok. who and when did the layout for blogspot change? Am I weird? as I get older the less and less I like change in my every day things.. like the timeline thing on Facebook really made me want to quit it all together. 
 As a family we travel a lot. sometimes close, sometimes far. Our day to day is pretty busy and most of the time we are out of the house going from place to place. I feel like on a whole we are all pretty good at flexing and flowing and enjoy going to places. Of course that doesn't mean we are always good. I'm definitely guilty of having a meltdown or two...or three. I hope I'm getting better at being 'fun' on trips rather than a big grumpy stressball. I feel like about a week before a trip my mind is everywhere trying to think of everything we need, and everything we might need. Especially with kids you need a gabillion "just in case" things. Our luggage has turned into 95% kids stuff and 4% dad stuff...and I'm lucky if I have extra underwear. With each new kid come new things we gotta figure out. Sleeping arrangements, feeding arrangements.... but we also discover some new creative things that make trips more fun and less stressful. 
The picture above was a genius idea I came up with the other day. We've been swimming a couple of times a day.. .which means wet, soggy swimsuits draped all over the place. I stepped on a pile of child links and a lightbulb went off! and now, this little links are gonna make it so much more convenient for our swimming times! 
 Anyways, I feel like I go on little spurts with my blogs and then go on hiatus. I am gonna try to be better about it. maybe i'll start waking up super early and make my 'thoughts' time. hope you are all doing well... if you have any clever travel ideas let me know! maybe I should do a what to pack when traveling with kids video? wutcha think?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Postpartum/Menstrual Hives

am I the only person that self diagnoses through googling symptoms?
I know we are probably every doctor's nightmare, but I swear a lot of time when the doctor's leave the room for a minute they are googling too. haha!!!
After having kids I have come to love googling things just to make sure everything is okay and not freak out. The doctor/nurse usually tells me the exact same thing as what I found doing research myself. Of course I never tell them I googled or act like I "know" anything...cuz boy would that be annoying.
anyways. with that said...
yesterday at church one of my eyes started swelling...bigger and bigger, then i started noticing lumps. Then throughout the day I felt like my throat was itchy. By the time we got home at about 630pm I noticed that I had broken out in hives all over my arms. My hands were swollen and itchy and my shoulders were killing me. My arms often fall out socket and hurt really bad, so at first I thought that was all it was. Then it got worse and worse. I felt like all my bones were being smashed with a huge sledge hammer or that I had been hit by a huge mack truck. pain.
I could not sleep.. itchy and in so much pain. So I got up and looked up if it was okay to take benadryl while breastfeeding...which let me to start googling all my other symptoms.
I had also had started my first period since being pregnant the night before. This was already more excitement than I could handle. After my 2nd, my first period was horrible. It lasted almost 2 months on and off...and had the worst cramps ever. *sigh.
so back to self diagnosing... I had a sneaky suspicion the hives were from me getting my period again. I discovered that there were many woman who experienced getting hives postpartum or when they got their period after giving birth.
Most of the information I found was from forums, and moms asking for advice or if anyone else had experiences the same thing...more than actual medical help.
So I a hoping that mine was just an isolated event. (some women had hives every day for YEARS after giving birth).
So today I still feel groggy, benadryl is not my friend. my body still feels kinda sore...I feel dizzy but the itchiness is gone. one eye is still a bit swollen but I'm hoping it will all pass by tomorrow.
have any of you experience this before?
We are on our way to take the kids to the discovery museum, hopefully they won't discover their mom on the floor itching and scratching with bones in pain!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Milani Baked Blushes

I love the Milani Baked blushes...
I thought I'd do a quick review, hope you enjoy!

01 Dolce Pink

02 Rose D'Oro

03 Berry Amore

05 Luminoso

Friday, April 13, 2012

you are worth everything

i was asked to do a guest blog a while back and i haven't had anything that i felt really stood out to talk about, so yesterday i thought i would just turn on my camera and speak my heart. its not very organized or anything, but i hope it encourages you in some way.
xoxo jeannie

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Emotional & Sensitive

I was working on a guest blog when I got all emotional and had to stop (I'm actually uploading it now..but we'll see if I make it public. haha!) In doing so I thought I should address my emotional and sensitive side :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Milani Eyeshadow Palettes

Hey Everyone! So wanted to do a quick review on the Milani eyeshadow palettes. I was going to make a video, but really... I would probably just be showing you these pictures! (maybe still will if i have time tomorrow) I actually totally forgot that I also got one of all neutrals, I'll have to do a separate review on that one...which I will probably use more on a day to day basis.
I really like the packaging and think it is pretty genius to have a bunch of colors in one round. the only thing is, I don't know how the machine decides how much of each color you get or if it is just random, but I have found in my neutral palette that the colors I like the most I actually get the least amount of, which is a bummer.

The first one (pictured above) is the impressionist powder palette...which reminds me in color and texture a lot to sidewalk chalk. I spend a lot of my days drawing on pavement with my kids so it is what I immediately thought of. color, consistency... they are pretty pastels and aren't too bright. so if you are a little bit scared of the next palette because it is so bright...this might be the way to go.

now this palette is the 'paint palette'. beautiful vibrant color... which I'm going to be more brave and try out more. I like that it is in one circle, like when you are painting on well, a palette. you can kind of mix colors and blend them like you would paints. This palette is a lot more vibrant and "Ka-pow!" in your face. I also tried it wet which takes away some of that chalkiness.
anyways, seeing as vibrant colors and color blocking are big for spring and summer.. this is an awesome way to get some bright colors to play with without breaking the bank!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Guest Blogging

my little bunnies on Easter... aren't they so cute? I often wonder what I did right, or why I was am so blessed to have 3 perfect little people I can claim as my own. Trying to savor every moment....

I hope everyone had a nice Easter! I've been so out of it... with having no phone and being super tired I feel like a zombie. I finally got some good rest last night, so today I was pretty productive! amazing how fast laundry and dishes pile up. wish there was a fairy for that!
Anyways, I was asked last week by 2 different people to do 'guest blogs' on their sites.
I've been really thinking and praying what to do them on. People often ask me how I come up with what I'm going to blog about, and really...its just whatever is going on in my life or what I find interesting. With that said...its funny when people ask me to I get all nervous and scared that I won't do a good job. (I still can't talk about my blog or youtube to people face to face...or if I do I get all squirmy and awkward!)
Anyways, one of the blogs is geared towards women and young women. I want it to be uplifting and encouraging. So I've been thinking and praying about different topics: finding worth, dressing fashionable yet modestly, patiently waiting for your prince, God in the details...and the list goes on. any thoughts?

Monday, April 9, 2012

tired headache

i have a tired headache
this had been an exhausting week. i don't know what's wrong with me. every day i am SO SO SO tired and then its almost like i'm so tired that i can't fall asleep when its finally night time. i lie in bed and tick tock tick tock...can't fall asleep. i get up to look at the clock (since i'm blind) and its 3am..then 4 am...then baby wakes up. then the day starts...and i'm so tired. *sigh.
its funny how when you are tired everything is out of whack. i feel so emotional,insecure,uncertain,irritated. the other day i kept having moment where i felt like i was gonna out of nowhere have a major cry fest. hasn't happened yet, so maybe it'll happen tonight!
anyways, still no phone. i feel so unorganized and lost! i don't know what time it is, day it is... hahahaa!! man i'm such a negative nancy right now! don't judge me, just love me. i need a hug :)
with that i shall sign off and try to get some laundry away so i can TRY to go to sleep early tonight. hope you all had a good week. get good rest!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Oh I loathe thee

I use to work at this summer camp and I remember a saying that one of the leaders use to say which I still use to this day. He would always ask the rest of the leaders "are you guys having a good day or a growing day?" what an awesome perspective to have...
so, with that said I am having a growing day.
Why is customer service so bad and frustrating? I hate that we have become so use to it that before even talking to the person on the other end of the line we are prepared to put up a fight. (I often have to remind myself it is not THEIR fault...although I've had some pretty horrible customer service reps in the past that quickly gave me the 'right' to get mad at them with their horrible attitude.. *ahem) anyways. my phone died the other day... it was a couple day gradual death. it would spontaneously black out, turn off,not turn on, not charge... now it finally quit on me. what a quitter.
After waiting for about 25 minutes I finally got to talk to customer service and she assured me my new phone would be here next day (being today). low and behold I get an email this morning saying "your phone has shipped" I was about to jump up and down and do the jig until I saw the next line "you're expected delivery time is April 10th by 730pm". uhm. deflated!
So, I shall go through Easter weekend with no phone.
I actually don't mind having no phone and not being on it every minute.. BUT driving around with 3 kids and no mode of communication does scare me. Especially since today we discovered a huge nail in the rear tire of our van.
Its funny how dependent we've become on really DOES make life easier and save time. I always wonder, what if we didn't have cell phones? people would have to wait until they got home or find a pay phone! can you imagine? haha!!! I remember when pagers came in and I thought I was the bees knees!
anyways I am beyond tired. last couple nights have been so restless for me. so today I am gonna try to get to bed before midnight.

Hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for your comments. It really means so much to me and encourages me so much. have a good night! restful sleep to all :)))

Men's Korean Sheet Masks

look at my handsome hubby with no beard! he looks 10 years younger, I feel like I'm in a time warp!
It was so funny because my son had never seen him without a beard so for the first couple of days every time he saw him he would say "where's your beard?!?!?" hahahaha!!

I had these korean sheet masks that Natural Radiance sent to me so I thought while some of the guys were over at our house I'd treat them to some skincare!
Here is a quick video review... they were so funny!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Milani Lip Glosses

Hey everyone! so Milani was nice enough to send me some goodies to review and of course I could not wait and had to start sharing! So I thought I'd start off with the lipgloss since I had a chance to wear them today.

colors from left to right:
flashy. hot flash. quick flash. golden flash. in a flash.
These are the new "haute flash" lip glosses, although I would call them more of a creamy lipstick rather than lipgloss. They have the texture of a 24 hour or long wear lipgloss, you know... the kind that feels creamy and kinda dry at the same time?

I had to try on the purpley "in a flash" one first since I have never had a color like that...and I have to say...I kinda like it. The glitter is a little bigger than what I would call "shimmer" but you know.

Here is the "Crystal Gloss" for lips much more sheer...
(and dang, I need to moisturize my arm! eek!)
In the picture below I'm wearing "fruit punch"

The Crystal Gloss is definitely more gloss like. Sheer, moisturizing and smell like vanilla (a lot like the MAC lipstuff)

hope that was helpful if you have any questions please ask!! goodnight!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crown Brushes

I got this set of pink for breast cancer awareness Crown Brushes off of Hautelook a couple of weeks ago for super cheap. I wish I could remember how much!! but the receipt never says the price. I love the set and each individual brush is beautiful. they aren't the absolutely softest brushes I've ever used, but they are pretty good wait, i take that back. they are SO soft and amazing, i literally threw my other brushes in a drawer, i just wish there were a few more fluffy brushes..and for the price (on their website the set is on sale for $29 I think) It's really good considering that even at Target makeup brushes go for at least $10 each. The brush holder/folder smells terrible like paint though... so mine is banned to the laundry room for now and my brushes are breathing away from it. If you are just starting out with makeup or simply don't want to spend a bajilliion dollars on brushes like me.. its a good deal! ok. off to play with some makeup to review!

Easter Cookie Loveliness and Today's Tidbit: Don't Stress!

Let's start this blog off on a good note. heh.
Yesterday I had some of the youth girls over to decorate Easter cookies with me and the kids. We had such a fun time, laughing and squeezing icing that was a little thicker than I like it! Sometimes even though its a lot of work and mess I feel like its important to do things like this. Not just for my kids, but for girls who might not have a mother figure to do things like this with. Secretly its fun for me too :)

Now for the stress part. Do you ever realize that once you challenge yourself, or pray for patience or whatever all of a sudden you are challenged to work it out?! yeesh.
well yesterday for my 'today's tidbit' I talked about stress and trying to not let it get to you. Well, needless to stress was challenged (and still is this morning).
as Oprah says "overworked and under appreciated" not always...but feeling it today! I'm sure that feeling will pass in about an hour. I'm hiding out in the kitchen downing some coffee, which conveniently is also a mood enhancer for me. haha!!
have a good day everyone, you are loved!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MVP Milani Bronzer

yeah eee yeah!!!
so i told you guys the other day that i won the MVP of the day or whatever on twitter for Milani Cosmetics and I got them today... they are HUGE! woooo... i be lookin tan!

they are two great colors and not so shimmery so I will definitely get good use out of them! oh, and in case you are reading this any time soon...
Target is giving out FREE beauty bags. just like "Target Style" on facbook and there is a link... all you do is fill out your address and it'll be at your doorstep in 4-6 weeks. a friend of mine told me about it and said it was pretty good last year.
have a great evening!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

coming up together

life is good.
today was another long day, but today i'm ending the day feeling good. satisfied.
my husband and i have been reflecting the last couple of days on the things that God has done and through our lives since we've been married. We have come a long way... but i am so proud of all we have done and how God has used us.
i heard a someone say once that the gift of service is more service. and i think its true. i give and serve because i want to, because i love it... when it is no longer a burden but a joy, that is when you know you are doing what you should be doing. the best leaders are the best servants.
too many people are stepping on others and pushing others down to promote themselves. i don't ever want to be one of those people. meeting with several people this week i am excited for the things to come. excited for all those around us to come up together.

one of our good friends Eric is such a talented singer, they recently made a music video and need to hit a certain amount of views by easter to potentially get a good deal. so please take a minute and watch his video and please like it!! i think he has another song on video, i'll look for it and post it too. (and tell him jeannie sent you..i'm trying to get 1000 views and there is a boba on the line! hehehe!!)
hope you all have a great week! xoxo