Friday, August 26, 2011

I can't wait for fall!!!

I love fall. The colors, the crispness in the air... the smells. I like it when its cold outside, but you are all warm and cuddly. I love soft sweaters and cozy scarves. (too bad it was 110 degrees out today!! waaah!)
so the other day I got a coupon in the mail for a free sample size at Bath & Body works and I'm so glad I went in. Found some stuff that makes me even more excited for fall. I've been burning this magnificent candle my husband got me called "cupcake" and it makes the house smell so yummy. Anyways, when I walked into Bath & Body Works they had these little samples of their fall candles coming out (and I got a 20% off coupon! woohoo)

they come in: marshmallow fireside, cinnamon sugar donut, hot chocolate, pumpkin caramel latte, apple crumble.... this is why i LOVE fall and winter!!!!
I'm usually not into buying such expensive candles, so I left the coupon by my husbands side of the bed and went on and on about how good they smelled ;)

I also splurged and got a body butter, this belly ain't getting any smaller!
I am so glad I did, I only wish I discovered it sooner. I so don't like cocoa butter so I have just been using eucerin on my belly. this seriously gives you the softest skin, isn't stuffy and sticky... its like whipped awesomeness. keeps you supple for 24 hours! LOVES IT~!
anyways, I'm soft, smooth and smell good now.. and you can too!! :)