Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thred Up

One of my best friends has been talking my ear off about thred up for ages. 
Finally got my first package, and oooooooohhh buddy!!!

In my excitement, I totally forgot to show my favorite shirt!

How cute is this mint shirt?? it was only $5.49!!
The jeans are Volcom under $8

and shoes are Michael Kors for $16!

Join Thred Up and start buying and selling clothes!!
I ordered a clean up bag so I can start getting rid of the clothes I don't wear!

Use this link and get $10 credit
use code SUMMER25 for an extra 25% off (expires 8/14)

I got lots of other awesome deals, watch the video to see!

*this box was sent by Thred Up for review. All opinions are honest and my own

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Little Bundle

I won an instagram contest a couple of weeks ago! How cute are all the prizes? so some of the prizes have been trickling in so I thought I would share the ones I've received so far! (so excited to get freshly picked moccasins, they are $60!!!! )

Candles from Riles and Co. (the little tea lights are white tea and something, and smell so delightful!)

Snuggly bear from Hazel Village. My 2 year old did not waste any time claiming him as hers

Love love love this blanket from Yarning Made. I was excited when I saw the package was from Victoria, B.C.!! and the yarn they use is super soft! Love all the colors, they have neon ones now too, should have got a neon one! but this one is cute nonetheless!

2 month subscription to "a little bundle" 

I'm excited about the other prizes as well. After I won this I have been entering every giveaway possible! haha!!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

June Ipsy Bag 2014

Here is my June Ipsy bag!
Ipsy is a monthly beauty back where you get a bag of goodies every month for $10!!
Get yours here:

Watch to see what I got this month!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Brica Stroller Organizer Plus & Portable Tire Pump Giveaway!

So excited for this giveaway! Brica/Munchkin is giving away one portable tire pump and one stroller organizer plus! Enter below:

Watch the video to see all the features!

Want to be Rich, Popular & Loved?

Want to be rich, popular and loved?
I feel like we live in a day where everyone wants to be a celebrity. Through social media and the age of "reality tv" even YouTube, everyone wants to be some sort of famous.
I think the core root of wanting to be famous, recognized, vip,…special is that people want to be noticed. They want to know that people "see" them. and that they are important and valued. The irony of it all is that chasing fame and celebrity doesn't really get you the results you want. 
You might reach the masses…. but what really matters? what really makes you feel loved, valued and important?

I think every person has that desire in them. I know I do.
I realize that I can have that if I:
Make the people who are important, important.
Make the things that matter, matter.
Pour my love into those I love.

The people who know you, I mean really know you. Those are the people who matter. 
My biggest and most important "fans" are my kids. 
It matters to me what they think of me. How I live my daily life. When I'm ugly and in my sweats doing simple, normal, non glamorous things…. and my daughter tells me "mama, you're beautiful" 
THAT makes me feel beautiful. 
Knowing that my husband sees every facet of my being and still thinks I'm okay… THAT is not only a miracle, but that is how I know I am loved. 
Having people around me that I love, having good moments, sharing memories and laughter… that makes me feel rich. No amount of money can buy that.

God tells me who I am. Not other people, not even myself. In the end, He is who fulfills that void in my heart. That longing and wanting to be treasured, validated,  important and special.
I hope you all know how very important, beautiful and special you are. 
There is something said for people who just "are". Who own who they are, don't try to one up others, who love deeply and living according to their purpose and living out their passion.

Everyone has influence. EVERYONE. Whether it is on a big platform or small.
It is up to you to decide what kind of influence you have.
I hope every day that I am used to influence others in a positive way. To encourage, share, grow and learn together with those around me. 

Today I am reminded that God sees me. He gets me. and that's all the approval I need!

hope this tidbit helps you today!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Plush Show 2014: The Posh Little Urbanites Show

What a great day I had at the Plush Show today!!

I went to the Plush Show for the first time… I thought I would share some thoughts!
It was at the Los Angeles Center Studios located in downtown L.A. (Parking was $6)
I guess this was the first year that they had it outside, and I think there were some ups and downs to that.
I definitely see the appeal for it being outside, especially for some kids activities…awesome chalk artist, bubbles etc. but it was a hot day today, so we actually ended up leaving earlier than we wanted because the kids got so sweaty and cranky. Also some of the booths were up on a very high curb that didn't have any stroller friendly ramps which made it a bit of a nuisance as the booths weren't accessible curbside, so you kind of had to bump up and down.  
Since we left early we didn't get to hear any of the speakers or see who won the raffles (even though I think we entered every one!! boo hoo!)

People want to know about the swag situation.
If you purchased a VIP ticket for $125 + $7.87 you got a pretty good swag back including either a Joovy Babasling carrier or a Joovy foocot. I think the actual swag bags were filled with more goodies as well. Upon arrival I did receive a bag of coupons, a paci, newborn bottle, some sleep spray and a couple other bits and bobs. I was hoping for some more product samples from booths, but there were more coupons and such BUT I think that is because it wasn't as big as some of the huge (non-personal) trade show type events. 
That being said, I was so impressed with how friendly and warm everyone I encountered was!

Picked up some supplements from (I'll be posting a review once I see how they work! and the girls at were so so sweet (as you can see in the video). I have never had a sitter or nanny, but if I did.. I would definitely call them!
Loved that there was a breastfeeding lounge by the Pump Station and nurtury. The Pump Station was so sweet and gave us water and cookies while we fed our babies!
Sounds so cheesy, but I loved the booth! I got some juice for the kids and a little almond milk coffee sample, but did not get myself a cuties juice and later my friend was like, ooooooh those drinks were BOMB! so now I must go pick some up! and the 2 working the booth were so sweet too. 

All in all I am so glad I went and got to spend a fun filled day with a good friend and got to see some cool new things for my kiddos! 
Thank you so much Plush Show for allowing me to come and experience it. 
All that hard work paid off, hope you all get some good rest!
Hope to see you again next year!

balloon hairband made by nifty balloons

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

how to be a good parent if you didn't have one

Hi friends, I've been debating doing a post like this since….probably LAST mother's day? I think like most people it is hard to be vulnerable and open about personal things. BUT I think it is in those places in our hearts that we can encourage others and strengthen ourselves by opening it up.

Being a mom of four now I realize that I am kind of on my own. So I've learned along the way how to learn, grow and better myself as a mom, wife and woman. 

I hope some of these are helpful to you. If anything, please know that you are not alone. No mom is perfect, and tomorrow is always a new day.

1. Accept that you didn't have the parents that you should've, could've, wanted to have and move forward.

2. Decide what kind of parent you want to be. If it helps, make a physical list.

3. Observe other parents. The good and the bad. 

4. Ask someone you love and that loves you to be honest…. I mean HONEST, about how they think you are as a parent. AND (this is important because you know we all get defensive about our kids and how we parent) be open to what they are saying. If you really want to be the best parent you can be… truth hurts some times.

5. Surround yourself (and your kids) with good people.

6. Encourage other parents. We all need a pat on the back (or a big ol chocolate cake) once in a while!

7. Forgive yourself. Don't beat yourself up. Kids forgive so easily, you need to forgive yourself.

and remember, that tomorrow, the next hour, the next minute is a new opportunity to do better.

love you all!! 

Having a Bad Day?

We all have bad days… let's face it. It's inevitable. 
I had a bad day, so I thought I would try to encourage some of you that might be having one too!

May Favorites and Clothing Haul!

These are some things I've been loving in the month of May!

Some tops I've bought recently.
From Forever 21, Target, Marshalls