Saturday, March 31, 2012

just one of them days....

its been one of those weeks. busy busy busy. i feel like every day we had something to do hour by hour....and i feel like my emotions changed hour by hour. part me thinks i must be getting my period soon *crossing fingers i don't. ugh. i can't imagine. haven't had my period in what...over a year!? the only thing i can attribute to my moodiness, or that i'm sleep deprived... or that i'm a woman. haha!!!
this past week i've had such conflicting feelings about different people. its hard to just 'forgive and forget' especially if that person has no clue that they even hurt you. *sigh. i usually try to just suck it up and let it go, but then when you come face to face with them...or they remind you by doing something else to totally piss you off, hurt your feeling, make you roll your all comes back. am i the only one that struggles with this? i can't be. i would think just by being human, having different personalities there is always a constant struggle in relationships. especially those you have not by choice.
ah i'm rambling. probably should blog when i'm so tired. g'nite y'all!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Best Baby Products: Part 1

Here are some baby products that I absolutely love. I
hope this helps you save time and money in your search for baby stuff!

i got this carseat canopy free! all you pay is shipping which turns out to be $11.95, but it is still cheap considering the cover is free. it is such high quality and is so much more stylish than throwing a big ol blanket over top. you can always find promo codes to get it free. i think 'family2012" works right now. if not, if you join planning it always has valid promo codes for these!

i got this nursing cover at and they are a great lightweight fabric so you and baby don't get all sweaty while nursing. i love mine so much i have two! this is also free and you just pay shipping. usually the same promo code as the carseat canopy and can be found on planning too.
Robeez by Stride Rite Socks. These socks are amazing!! I wasted so much money on newborn socks that don't even stay on baby's feet. these are 'kick proof'. I got mine at marshall's for about $5 for a pack of 6, but if you google them it looks like you can find them a lot of places

i hear baby waking up so i gotta run, but i hope this is helpful!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

March: Things I love

I wanted to share a bunch of good finds and things I've been using and loving this month!

I have been searching for good quality face paints forever, and I've finally found them! These are from Michael's and the original price is $19.99, but every week there is a coupon for any item 40% off (sometimes more) so I waited until I got one to get these. My daughter asks all the time if she can get her face painted at disneyland, but its $18!!! so I thought we could buy it and do it as much as we want! The little pods are small, but you don't need a lot.. you add a bit of water to a brush and you are ready to go. I absolutely love them.

Going back to my Revlon photo ready. It really has to be one of the best foundations ever. Great natural coverage and doesn't feel stuffy or thick. I love it!!
Revlon Lip Butter in "lollipop" is amazing. It's a beautify fuchsia color that I think is much more wearable and fun than a red lip and is really flattering on most (and it makes your teeth look whiter!)

Avon nailpolish in "Aqua Fantasy". I love Avon polishes, they have great coverage, smooth and the formula is nice and not so thick.... I think they are on sale right now for $2.99 too!

Got this face wash as a sample from and I really like it. It is a gel face wash, so there is no foam, but it really cleans well and leaves my skin feeling fresh and not tight. perfect for sensitive skin!

I shared this before, but I got this perfume at Marshall's and I love it so much I bought 2. Fresh and slightly fruity (?!) I don't know, but its cheap and wonderful!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Favorite websites for FREE or CHEAP stuff

hey gals! I thought I'd make a video since I'm always talking about all this with people!! so here it all is in a video...although i thought of atleast 3 websites i forgot! waaah... i guess we'll have a part 2 some time soon!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Only One Me

If someone were to tell me I would have a beautiful life filled with JOY one day back when I was in high school I would not have believed them. I don't share this very much, but when I was in high school there were so many days where my prayer before going to bed would be "God, if you love me... don't let me wake up" Then, in the morning when I woke up...I would be genuinely disappointed. I felt like I had no purpose, no reason for being created. I had a sister who was good at EVERYTHING, but me...well, I wasn't good at anything. I didn't do well in school, I wasn't athletic, musical...nothing. I often questioned why God would make someone like me. Someone who wasn't good at anything...someone without purpose.
I remember a pivotal part in my life where I heard God so clearly say "I am proud of you, there is only one you" Such simple words that changed my life. I'm not saying I never had those 'what is my purpose' days anymore...but I did have a lot more days where I knew that God made me with purpose, special..and the only one like me. So, with that said I am still on a journey living my purposes. being who I was created to be. My life is full of joy and purpose and now I feel like there are SO many things I could do, I just need to choose!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

haters gonna hate

i realize more and more how our society bases their success on other peoples failures... why can't' we be happy for each other and encourage and uplift rather than tear down and judge? been thinking about this a lot lately.
so today's tidbit is on people pleasing and haters....
remember, haters are gonna hate.. if you have haters, you're doing something right!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

good friends

now i know i am not the 'best' friend in the world or anything... but i am trying to be a better friend each day. i have been blessed with some great friends in my life who encourage me and push me to be a better person. there are definitely a lot of things i need to work in progress....

Monday, March 19, 2012


talk about inspiration. I've been really challenged lately to try to make a difference, stop focusing on myself and what i 'can't' do...and focus what i CAN do through Him...
in my late night online-ness i came across this video that just blew me away... then i found another about his story. if you haven't seen this before.. please do and be inspired.... God is love, and He loves you!

4 months

so i took baby for her 4 month check up the other day... she is doing good! i was kinda worried because all the other babies around her age are so much heavier... but doc said as long as she is growing, pooping and peeing good... she is good. i was beginning to think i was producing skim milk when all the other mommies were making homo milk! hahahah!!!
she is the sweetest, most delicate baby... i love her so!

also filmed some of my favorite blushes and tidbit of the day! xoxo

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chubby Bunny

my kids think photo booth is sooooooo funny! the other day they took about a hundred pictures together and were giggling so hard. there is something about a little kids laughter that heals your heart.
today i took the little one to her 4 month check up and get her vaccinations. poor little baby. the silent cry is the worst. now she has a fever and is quietly whimpering as she tries to fall asleep.. *sigh. i wish i could take away any pain and sickness from my kids for the rest of their lives!
so i video taped a whole update VLOG on baby... just to find out my voice didn't match the video like a bad chinese movie....oh well. i'll try again tomorrow. gnite world.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

california king

so my california king bed arrived... and i was so so so so excited. i got the knock off version of the tempurpedic called the bodypedic. i read about a gazillion reviews (approximately...) and they were all positive. it was a fraction of the price. since i have such a bad back, 3 herniated discs in all. i thought this would be my life saver. i woke up this morning and couldn't move... PAIN!!!!! luckily throughout the morning the pain dissipated... i'm hoping my body is just adjusting, hoping for a better nights sleep tonight.
anyways i am gonna do a 'today's tidbit' here and there.. just little words of encouragement, thoughts when i get a chance, just a couple of minutes.
so here is the first one... i realize that i like staying mad sometimes, so i'm learning to let things go faster than i naturally want to!
hope you all are well. thank you for reading!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY Ombre Hair

so i decided to re-ombre my hair last night since i cut off all of my previous ombre, and thought i should go a bit more bold and make it a whole new hairdo. i thought about filming it, but i had to do it as fast as i could before baby woke here is how i did it!

you will need:
bleach powder (i like the blue or violet to cut out brassiness)
devoloper, for most people vol 20 will be fine, i used vol 30
non metallic bowl
shirt you don't care to ruin
hair clip

mix the powder bleach 1/2 part developer. i did this in small amounts so i didn't use it all at once, in case i needed a touch up later. mix until it is a creamy consistency.

apply on to sections of hair. make sure not to do a 'straight across' line or else it will look too harsh and abrupt. i just moved the brush up and down so that certain sections were higher than others.. then fold it into foil and wait... (check often!)

after you wash it out if you want a little more of a gradient effect you can do it one more time concentrating more on the tips... and voila! so easy!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

mommies and babies

today was my little nieces first birthday. its funny how people say 'enjoy it, it goes by fast' you do the half eye roll 'uh huh'...but it really does go by too fast. seems like yesterday she was born!
its neat seeing moms with their kids (although i hope that no one watches me! haha!)
i feel like so many moms think that they will never be like their mom, or that they want to be just like them. I've really tried to make it a point to take a chill pill and not be a naggy mom or uptight about everything. its hard when you are a control freak! i have to remind myself all the time that they are just kids, and i need to stop and enjoy the moments. i often tell myself 'they will never be this exact age every again'. it's sad, but it reminds me that most things are not a big deal and that i need to savor the moment.
ok so i did a bad thing and weighed myself yesterday. i kept telling myself not to...but i did, and i regret it. waaahhh... and then, i realize i've become one of "those girls" and that my hair had become my security blanket. so even though i miss it and really think i should have left it (which by the way is dryig from be re-ombred) i think it is good to feel vulnerable. hehe...

Friday, March 9, 2012

new beginnings

i am so excited! I got my first laptop in my whole life!!!! wooo hoooooo!
That along with finally getting a new bed for my aching back I have to say this is gonna be a pretty amazing week. Gotta love tax returns! So I was playing around and trying to figure out all the cool things on here. I haven't had a mac since I was in design school, so I'm trying to re-learn everything. anyways, here it is! (i wish i could transfer all my files over but after trying too many times to 'migrate' i decided my frustration was taking away my joy of discovery so i stopped.. hehe)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


ok as much as I'm trying to "embrace" my new body... its hard to dress. I'm not about to go buy a bunch of new clothes.. but the clothes I have, well they just don't fit the same. So I'm trying to make different combos of stuff I already have. Just a few ideas for you postpartum momma who don't just snap back when you walk out the hospital doors! haha!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

February: Things I love

Yeesh babeesh! I need to be better about blogging... which I will soon. I ordered my very first laptop of my life!!!! woooooHOOOOooOoOOOoo! and a new bed (finally! my back needs it) I am so grateful today for tax returns and being debt free. Trying to be a better steward of our money and be more smart about our spending.
anyways, here are my favorites for February. Hope you are all well! xoxo