Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lace, Pink Tips and Panera

I did some girly lace/pink nails today. The only thing is.. I used fast dry top coat which made the lace stickers wrinkle a bit... after they were completely dry they lay flat (better than the picture)

A Panera Bread opened up right down the street from my house.. HALLELUJAH!!!

If you ever go, you have to try the cinnamon crunch bagels. they are so yummy. taste like cinnamon rolls. Perfect timing for this hungry preggo lady. (actually my husband is there right now picking up a frontega chicken sandwich for me! hah!) Hope you are all doing well and had a nice long weekend. We served some veterans a Memoral Day dinner last night. It is a privelege to live in a country with so much blessing. When they did the pledge of allegiance I was so embarassed I didn't know the words. I'm Canadian, but I figure if I live here I better learn it quick!!!


so do you ever think something and wish you could just say it? but you know in your logical mind it is probably better to just keep it to yourself? I've been having a lot of those days. Wishing I had a big rubber stamp that said "fake" "selfish" or "liar" I could stamp on people's foreheads. I don't know why I let people get to me, get frustrated at the way people are...it doesn't change their lives. They are who they are... I just become a bitter, resentful person. So in the the end I am much worse off and they, well they are just the same. I think most people think they are pretty clever and people don't see their true motives or intentions. Usually its quite obvious to the rest of us. ugh. okay. Sorry for being a negative nancy... enough of that!

anyways, my husband got me this set of nailpolish which at first I was like "oh, thank you, lots of glitter!" BUT they are the best glitter polishes I've ever had! I dare to say even better than the O.P.I. glitter polishes. Most glitter polishes are super sparse on the glitter and you have to put several coats to get an even coat. I did 2 coats of the gold glitter and my nails were fully colored.

I've seen them in random accessory stores and in L.A.

My husband bought them as a set at Marshall's. There were a couple of more, but I couldn't find them for the picture!

L.A. Colors (these ones were called "color craze")

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Fruit Basket

I love color. My favorite color is yellow.Its so happy and cheerful. Today I woke up and it was beautiful outside, the sun was shining..birds chirping. So I thought I'd do a little summer fruit nail tutorial that was fun and colorful.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

6 years and counting....

Happy 6th Anniversary!!

my hubby got all fancy on me!

So weird how time flies. I can't imagine, or kinda... don't wanna imagine what my life was before I got married and started our family. It's like my life was black and white before and now it is in full color. I am looking forward to 60 more with my Prince Charming. He only gets better with age. More handsome, smart, loving and kind... He's such a catch, and I caught him!!!

Oh wow..I just realized it is nap time in our house... maybe I should make use of it and take a nap myself!!

ps. I was thinking of doing a 'preggo outfit' section. I hate traditional maternity wear, and I think you should still be able to look cute as your belly grows. Would you find that helpful? have a great day everyone!

Monday, May 23, 2011

16 weeks

So I am 16 weeks now and still nauseous.. C'MON!!!!
I have finally admitted to myself that my jeans are too tight. Its weird because you dont' just gain weight in your belly, it feels like your skeleton gets bigger. Shoulders are broader, chest cavity is thicker.. and my feet are longer. What the?!
So I guess its maxi dresses for me for the next couple of months!
I go to the doctor today. I don't now if she is gonna check anything or just measure and make sure everything is okay. I am secretly trying to find a way I can get her to do an ultrasound (so I can see the sex of the baby!!, they don't have any appointments until late june).

a couple of people have asked me to blog about my pregnancy, but I don't know what is interesting... so here is a quick video of me blah-blahing really about nothing...

Thank you for my treats Maren!!! you are the best and I miss you :(

Sunday, May 22, 2011


so 9 years ago I started dating my very first boyfriend...who knew it would totally change my life! 6 years ago (the 24th) I married him. It is weird when I think back to what I thought of him, how he made me nervous... and the things that made me crush on him. 6 years of marriage, 2 kids and one on the way later... the things I love about him and make me crush on him are totally different. He is a different person, I am a different person...and our love is different. Different in a good way. So much deeper with greater understanding. He is such a man of integrity, he is humble, he protects me and is like a gentle warrior. I always say he was born in the wrong era. He should be a gladiator or a warrior who goes to battle wearing a bear on his back. He is a manly man. A fighter, but loyal and true to his roots. A hard worker and always chooses what is right. It is funny because I don't think he is anything like the character...but we watched Thor and the whole time I kept thinking that he reminded me so much of my husband! a couple of people have texted asking if we have watched Thor and said it reminded them of him too. Funny. Maybe its the beard, blue eyes and the warrior-ness.... I think my husband is dreamy :)

totally unrelated once again, but my sister asked me a while ago to make a video on how to put on false eyelashes. there are a couple of different kinds, so I thought I'd start with the demi lashes.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Me and my little man feeding the giraffe this morning.

Today was a beautiful day. Tiring, but nice. I love my kids so much. Wish I could do more for them, give them more...
I have a friend visiting for the week I haven't seen in 10 years and we were looking at my kids baby albums and it is amazing how your love grows every day for your little peanuts. They've changed so much, I had no idea my life would change the way it has. I want to be a better mom, have more patience, more creativity, more energy, more love. They deserve the very best. So I am going to give them the best of me :)
Tonight before my son went to bed he said "lah dyoo mah, lah dyoo mah" over and over...love you mah.... the best words of the day!

So I had to whip out my nail schnazz and bedazzle her nails a bit.. which made me realize how long it had been since I did mine (mine never go naked, but when you're nauseous.. your nails are the last thing on your mind!)

her nails...

Here are her toes, which inspired me to do my nails...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Natural Prom Look

Today I got to help Miss Tiffany get ready for her first prom! She is so cute. She normally doesn't wear any makeup, so I wanted to do it natural.. but still make her feel pretty. so here is a quick video.. wait til the end to see my little cuties!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So after many years of wishing, dreaming.. and secretly being jealous of people with refrigerators with water and ice dispensers....we finally got one. Thank you tax return! I have to say, I felt pretty darn fancy. Ice and filtered water whenever I want?! oh, why yes... thank you!
It had been less than 2 weeks when I walked into the kitchen to find this:

my wonderful 2 year old son decided he wanted to contribute to the fridge art.. and make it permanent. yup. that's permanent marker on there. I had to laugh, or else I would cry. We were on our way out the door to church for Easter Sunday.. so I took a deep breath and we left.
When we got back I tried EVERYTHING. magic eraser, bleach, acetone, alcohol.. nothing... a little smudge here and there would get smudgier.. but nothing got it off.
I thought of other solutions..we could frame the lower part and showcase his art.. or, we could graffiti the whole fridge and TRY to make it look cool.. nothing.
guess what got it off?!


yup. with the first spray the ink dripped down the fridge and wiped completely off!!! who would have thought. now, there are spots that are a little darker and deeper that were a littler harder, but I could not believe it... and now, my kitchen smells delightful. yay for not freaking out!!~