Monday, October 28, 2013

October Favorites!

Some things I've been loving in the month of October!

Free eyeglasses: use code "firstpairfree"
Starbucks Iced Coffee in Caramel Macchiato
Peace Iced Tea in Razzleberry
Shea Butter head to toe baby ointment
Fekkai glossing cream
Tony Moly bunny pocket mist
Colgate enamel protect toothpaste
Maybelline color sensational lipstick in "warm me up"
C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve
Pixi nail polish in "deepest dahlia"

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nail Foiling without Adhesive

I love the look that nail foiling gives. Super bright metallic finish you can't quite achieve with just polish. I ordered a bunch of nail foil from Amazon and started playing around with it. I tried several times with the adhesive they suggest using, but I found it was just one more step and left everything sticky...and the finish wasn't as smooth as I would like.

I find that it works best with a darker base color polish underneath, but the combinations are endless! Here is a quick tutorial on how I do it, I didn't clean up the sides or anything yet. Hope you enjoy!

Postpartum & Breastfeeding Outfit Ideas

Finding clothes that you feel good in postpartum and that are easily accessible while breastfeeding while looking cute is a challenge. I'm not claiming to be cute or fashionable...BUT I have found some alternatives to wearing a moo moo or sweats every day. I thought I'd share some key things I look for when I shop. After 4 kids and piles of  "no way" and "seriously no way" clothes that developed every time I tried to get dressed I finally found some pieces that work for me.
Hope this helps some of you! 
Most of the things I buy are from H & M, Forever 21, Marshalls or Ross... so you know its affordable too!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tarnished and True

I LOVE these stackable rings!
I've been on the hunt for some cute personalized jewelry with my kids names on it, but I didn't like any of the ones I saw in the jewelry store (like the ones with little people or birthstones).

a friend of mine posted a picture of some stackable rings she had with her kids names on it and I fell in love with the idea. Since we have 4 kids, finding something that would fit all 4 names and still look cute was harder than I thought... and figured rings would be perfect!

I know there are a lot of "personalized jewelry" shops on etsy, but I loved how thin these bands were and the different options I had to create my own stack.

I can't say enough. These will be in the daily rotation for sure! (it also helps that the shop owner is a total sweetie and was so nice and quick in making this stack for me. Thank you so so so much Annie!)

 This is a great idea for your mom, sister, grandma, girlfriend, wife, bestie... or for yourself. Treat yourself girlfriend! Especially with holidays around the corner...
The rings start with the simple bands at $7 and go up from there. You could always start a stack and add to it for special occasions, or when your'e late night online shopping like me. hehe!

*rings were graciously provided by Tarnished and True

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets: How to swaddle

quickie swaddle pictorial
1. Fold the blanket almost in half (back piece a bit longer) so its an upside down triangle.
2. Place baby in the middle, so the edge of the blanket is level with his/her neck
3.  Fold one side over baby
4. Flip bottom up
5. Fold remaining side over and around baby. 
With the remaining side I usually angle the blanket down, do a 1/3 fold and back up over his shoulder.
I am absolutely in love with the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets. I have the jungle jam set of 4...but the hoarder in me feels like I need every different design they have! haha!
I love how big and breathable they are. How they get softer the more you wash them, easy to roll up and they are not bulky.. so many things!
A friend of mine asked me how I swaddle baby boy in them so I took some quickie photos to text to her, and thought maybe it would help some of you!

I know they are more pricey than their neighboring swaddle blankets...but you will use these way beyond the first few weeks of your babies life and for much more than swaddling. I have several friends that still use them with their now toddlers and big kids for outings, covering up from the sun without getting all hot and bothered, nursing, naps, you name it...and unlike other blankets that lose their softness and color.. these get better with age. Can't say enough!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NYX Butter Glosses

I love love love these butter glosses! and so appropriately named. They are so smooth and buttery. Even after they are gone off of your lips, your lips are left feeling supple and soft. They retail for $5.00, but if you get them when they are BOGO or on sale at ULTA you can often get them for half the price! I think they are worth double, they are so much better than a lot of 'high end' glosses I have. 

There are 12 colors in all, and I somehow misplaced one. The missing one is "vanilla cream pie"which is similar to the other nude/pinks. I swatched it on my arm, and then thought it would be helpful to show you them on my lips, since lips are usually more pigmented than arms. haha!

Eclair: Pale nude with blue undertones

Creme Brûlée: Warm pinky nude

Tiramisu: Warm brown  nude

Maple Blonde: Pale coral pink

Apple Strudel: Warm milky coral

Peaches and Cream: Opaque baby pink

Cherry Cheesecake: Tangerine coral

Peach Cobbler: Orangey red

Merengue: Pale pink with blueish undertones

Strawberry Parfait: Sweet pink more clear

Cherry Pie: red

Monday, October 7, 2013

One Radiant Skincare

I received this box ago from One Radiant and wanted to share it with all of you who are looking to improve your skin or maybe start a new skincare regimen all together.
This is a monthly service box that comes in 3 month increments. The website claims to find your perfect skincare routine in 3 months. 

After you find your perfect skincare routine, or products that you like you can go onto their website to buy the full size.
The products are definitely more mid-high end and many of the products I was not familiar with, which is great because I know there are tons of great products around the world that otherwise I probably wouldn't get the opportunity to try.

I personally have a rule that if you are going to invest in anything more expensive to put on your face, it should be skincare. After all, you only have one face and it will be a lot harder to replace that than any lipstick! haha!!! With that said, as a mom of four I totally understand justifying paying a lot for a little bottle of cream. I have my few items that I allow myself as a 'treat' (even though, girl, you know I deserve it!) and I use them sparingly and take the moments when I put it on to feeeeeeel the luxury of it! 

A lot of times people ask me how i have 'good' skin. I really don't, BUT I do take care of it. I started using anti-aging products in my 20s and people would do the "pshhh.. why you using anti-aging stuff? you don't have any wrinkles!" I think it is much easier to prevent than to repair. So I use a lot of 'old lady stuff' before I need to... so I won't need it!

Find your perfect skincare routine in 3 months
4-5 deluxe samples that are hand picked by experts for your skin type
$36/ 3 months free shipping

*one time box was provided by One Radiant for review

I love fall!

I love fall.
Ironically I live in Southern California and don't get to experience all my favorite 'fall' feelings so if you live in a place that has actual seasons... please appreciate one of these for me!

the crispness in the air in the morning when you can see your breath
crunchy leaves under your boots
the smell of school starting, I don't know what it is... the trees? but there is a distinct smell!
cherry blossoms falling like snow
roasted chesnut carts, yum
warm and cozy sweaters, scarves, boots and hats!
and i love love love fall colors. the deep oranges, reds, browns... so beautiful.

So in light of the one cool-ish day we had the other day I started going through my closet and makeup anticipating more fall weather.

So I'm starting off fall with some darker colors: MAC Rebel lipstick. Its a nice dark plum, berry color. I just love it. Last year I kept misplacing it and replacing it. So even though I have 3 in circulation...the other 2 are still hiding from me. If you are looking for a good fall lippie... this might be the one for you!
On my  nails I have Pixi's Polish in Dark Dahlia. I was so impressed by this polish. I never really paid attention to their nail polish before this, but it is so opaque yet smooth and not thick and goopy. I did this in just one coat! then I topped it off with NYC's sparkle top coat. Love the vampiness of it.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Chit Chat and September Favorites!

Hey everyone! just a little chitter chatter and some of my favorites for the month of September!

Thank you to all who read, watch, leave comments and encouragement! It really means a lot. When I started this public blog I didn't really start with any direction, purpose or goal in mind. I just wanted to share things I love and hopefully encourage a couple of people along the way. It has become so much more than that to me now and I am thankful for the wonderful souls I've met along the way!

September Favorites:
Greek on the Go: Yogurt Granola Bites (Costco)
DoTerra Essential Oils: Peppermint, Eucalyptus (
NYX Cosmetics: Butter Gloss, Black Label Lipstick in Cancun Pink, Love in Florence Eyeshadow Palette in Sunsets with Sophia (Target, ULTA,
Pixi Beauty: Wide Awake Brighten & Lighten Pencil (Target)
MAC: Prolongwear Concealer in NC30