Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crown Brushes

I got this set of pink for breast cancer awareness Crown Brushes off of Hautelook a couple of weeks ago for super cheap. I wish I could remember how much!! but the receipt never says the price. I love the set and each individual brush is beautiful. they aren't the absolutely softest brushes I've ever used, but they are pretty good wait, i take that back. they are SO soft and amazing, i literally threw my other brushes in a drawer, i just wish there were a few more fluffy brushes..and for the price (on their website the set is on sale for $29 I think) It's really good considering that even at Target makeup brushes go for at least $10 each. The brush holder/folder smells terrible like paint though... so mine is banned to the laundry room for now and my brushes are breathing away from it. If you are just starting out with makeup or simply don't want to spend a bajilliion dollars on brushes like me.. its a good deal! ok. off to play with some makeup to review!