Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Monogram Necklace in Sterling Silver or 18k Gold...and giveaway!

I have wanted one of these necklaces forever!!
So pretty and delicate...and personalized!

I have been wearing mine every day since I got it. 
They will be giving away one like mine to one of my lovely viewers!
Please check out their shop. Its a perfect gift for any mom, wife, sister, friend... or yourself... 
that's what I did!

Leave a message below this blog post or on YouTube

Giveaway will end next Wednesday, May 1st 2013
Good luck!


  1. I'd love to win this pretty necklace xox

  2. What a gorgeous necklace. I would be so grateful to have one :)

  3. Totally been eyeing these neckalces lately. Gorgeous, I'd love to be entered please.

    I also follow you on Facebook and I'm subscriber of yours on YouTube.

    Thanks so much.

  4. Ooo...I <3 this! I'd love to win it! :)

  5. Ive been wanting a monogram necklace so badly :) its adorable!...this is my entry!!!!

  6. Could it be mine?? :-) I sure hope so.

  7. Hi!

    Get tired of your giveaways??? Never! I love that neclace! I love that green/blue in that hair too girl, only the right person could pull that off! Your outfit and hair matches the background, I see you tryn it! and its working. Please enter me!

    My yt name: Jewell Davis

    I shared and tweeted this giveaway to my FB and Twitter!
    I hope I can help you get more subbies!

    Go to my pages and see for yourself!

    My FaceBook: jewell.davis.562

    My Twitter: JewellDavis12

  8. ok this is my third attempt at commenting. LOVE it. Want it. Looks great on you! Pick me! Pick me! :) <3 Susie

    1. SUSIE GAMEZ btw. I don't know why it made me anonymous.

  9. i want :D it looks awesome

  10. this is a super gorgeous necklace! and i would love to win it!! hope you have an awesome day

  11. So pretty. Yay, I love necklaces. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. That necklace is absolutely adorable! :D I would love to win one. :D

  13. I adore this necklace and would love to win it. Pick me pick me!!
    Danielle Flor

  14. such a pretty necklace! Would love to win it!!

  15. Yay! this would be perfect for me!

  16. Beautiful! Enter me in this as well :)

  17. I also have been wanting one of these necklaces! So pretty! Just started following your blog as Teacher's Market and I am also following your facebook page! Thanks for the chance!

  18. Gorgeous necklace. I was wondering what size the pendent was. Because that size is exactly what I'm looking for! Thank you so much for sharing this necklace on your blog.

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