Tuesday, April 9, 2013

First time at the dentist!

ok. let me preface this blog by saying:
I have horrible teeth and I am terrified of the dentist.
I had been told several times by our pediatrician that we did not need to take the kids to the dentist unless they had a problem, complained of pain, had an injury or their grown teeth were coming in.

trust me MANY a mom told me, scolded me, and urged me that I HAD to take them in and that I was WAAAAYYYY behind on my children's oral hygiene.

It's not that I'm a neglectful mom or don't care about their teeth. quite the opposite. I am a so picky about how they brush their teeth etc. BUT I have to admit, because I have horrible teeth and have had so many bad experiences at the dentist.. I was relieved when our pediatrician told us it was okay and used that as an excuse not to take them.

so.. on very persuasive urging by one of my girlfriends, I finally booked them an appointment. I must have researched and read reviews for dozens of dentists...

I came across this one called "My Kid's Dentist" and have to admit, was drawn in with the cute graphics of their website. (yes, I'm  a sucker for packaging)

turns out there is one right by my house! 

I cannot believe how good they did! they stayed completely still and were so good. I am such a proud momma. I couldn't go in with them for their x-rays since I'm pregnant, but they did awesome!

So at this dentist there is a "grown up hallway" and "kids hallway"
I personally want to book to go into the kids hallway! haha!!

they have big flat screens on the ceiling so the kids can watch movies and the staff and dentists are SO nice. Seriously So nice and gentle. They made everything from turning on the little light to pulling out the mirror something fun.

The dentist had this little dinosaur to teach them about teeth and how to brush. I was so impressed!
I have to admit, I even shed a tear when I saw the x-rays showing my little girls adult teeth coming in... looks like the tooth fairy is gonna pay her first visit soon! 

They got these little certificates for being good teeth brushers and cavity free! and the best goodie bags ever! electronic toothbrushes too.... who needs to go to party! just go to the dentist!! hahaha

so they are already asking when they can go back.

Praise the Lord. 

I seriously prayed that it would go okay! hahaa!!