Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cute Nursing Bras!!!

what?! WHAT?!
no way!!!

Ok... pregnant with #4...and I'm thrilled I'm discovering all this cute stuff.
(I discovered the Ergo Baby Carrier with #3 and wish I had it with the first two!)

So with each baby I've been on the hunt for cute nursing bra's. Because hey, just because you feel like a milked cow... doesn't mean you have to look like one!!
I think cute underwear always  makes you feel good... and no one knows why. 
I remember when I was  young my mom saying "what if you get in an accident and people see your underwear?!" That has always stuck with me... silly I know.. but GIRL... throw away them granny panties and old lady bras and put something colorful on!!


these are from You! Lingerie . They have cute little bra and panty sets for pregnant and nursing moms... which I think is great.. and their prices are reasonable too!

Here is my review of them!
Good luck sexy nursing mamas!!

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