Friday, July 20, 2012


So the other night I was doing some late night (or should I say REALLY early morning) Pinterest-ing. One click led to another and I ended up on this blog that shared home remedies for cleaning. 
One of the posts was a "I know everyong has been doing this for centuries, but I thought I'd share" cleaning tips. 
"Cleaning your microwave:
put a cup of vinegar and a cup of hot water in a microwave safe bowl
set your microwave to 10 minutes.
when it is done, wipe clean... and Voila! clean microwave!"

Sounds so easy and great right? There was even a picture of a horribly dirty microwave and a sparkly clean microwave. I thought... hey, this will only take a minute! So the next day (even though my microwave was not that dirty) I decided to pop the concoction in the microwave while I made necklaces with my daughter. about 5 minutes into we hear a LOUD pop, crash! What in the world? so I go into the kitchen and the bowl is clear across the floor and the vinegar water is EVERYWHERE. 
so what happened?
Here comes in my google skills. So I started googling "microwave blows up vinegar water". I guess it has happened to a lot of people in the past, but no one talked about what happened to their microwave AFTER.
sidenote: while googling this, I found a million videos on people purposely blowing up anything and everything in their microwave for fun. watermelons, soap, peeps... whatever (and no broken microwaves)
So AFTER I cleaned up the vinegar water I was curious if anything else was wrong with the microwave so I turned it back on. SPARKS WERE FLYING!
ugh. So I turned it off and started googling again.
So I guess when any sort of anything gets behind the 'wave guide cover' it causes sparks and basically it catches fire. I came across a video on YouTube that explains all this and so I ended up taking off the wave guard cover to find it was all burnt up behind it. I cleaned it out and ordered a new wave guard cover. I am hoping this fixes it and my microwave is okay.
another sidenote: we had not had a microwave since we moved in.. and FINALLY this tax return, we were like.. we need to replace the one that doesn't work. 
So I was so upset and mad that I did all this trying to CLEAN my microwave. 
aren't microwaves used to heat stuff all the time?! and water and vinegar? what about people blowing up soap, mentos and all that other stuff? so frustrated.

so pray my microwave comes back to life.
the end.


  1. Aww noo!! Sorry about your microwave :/ however, i did enjoy reading this post. The whole vinegar/water thing does sound a little strange...

  2. ughhh some people! Glad you or the kids weren't near it when it happened!