Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Heat Proof. Sweat Proof. Long Lasting Makeup

I am Canadian. Originally form Vancouver, BC... so I am not use to extreme heat. 
With temperatures over 110 all week last week I found myself thinking "how do people live here?!" every time i got out of the car. 
Ironically my favorite seasons are Fall and Winter...and I live in Southern California where it is all sorts of summer all year round.
With that said, my makeup routine has changed a lot since I've moved here. After much trial and error looking for products that wouldn't smear, bleed, smudge, melt, or wipe off during the I feel like I've found some that work great. 
I've also used some of these products I've used on people who were in a wedding or getting married themselves, So I know they last through heat, sweating, nerves, tears and lots of dancing!
hope this helps!

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