Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Balm Cosmetics

The first time I saw The Balm stuff I think I was in a Marshall's and the cute packaging caught my eye. If you aren't familiar with the products, please check out their website. The packaging is so cute and just for that reason alone I want everything!!
Got the privilege to try out some of their products, and I am in love!

This is "hot mama". I think it is a gorgeous warm blush that reminds me a lot of Nars I dare say it might even be better? gotta love that its called hot mama too!

Balm Shelter Lip gloss. smells delicious!

Ok I recently did a video stating that I was looking for the perfect concealer. This is fast becoming one of my favorites. The one I got is in "medium" which I thought would be too dark, but it actually blends perfectly with my skin. great coverage, smooth texture. (for reference I'm an nc35, or medium plus in MAC)

Overshadow in "no money, no honey" cutest names huh? This is a beautiful, finely milled warm shimmer that can be worn alone or over any shadow you already have!! 

Here is my review on the products, hope you enjoy and discover these little treasures too! 

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