Monday, July 2, 2012

Marbella Semi-Permanent Liners

Marbella: 24 hr lip, eye, and eyebrow pens
"*smudge proof, water proof, won't smear, fade for more than 24 hours
*felt tip glides to create delicate to dramatic lines with precision
* 100% natural formula is dermatologist tested and hypo allergenic
*easily removes with any makeup cleanser
*duo tip, turn the tip around to use as a new pen"

One of the things I am always looking for is an amazing liner that won't smudge, smear, run, disappear or end up under my eyes. I feel like having mono lids makes it even harder and although many liners claim to be 'smudge proof, water proof, bullet proof'...they really aren't. 
So here is my take on the Marbella pens

I've been using the eyeliner for about a month now, and I can honestly say that it is one of my favorites. Do I think it really lasts for 24 hours? no, but it comes really close. I rub my eyes a lot, live in extreme heat (it was over 110 all last week!) and frequently use eyedrops during the day... so unless my eyeliner is literally tattooed on my eyes, I think it is near impossible for it to stay exactly the same for 24 hours. 
I like that it is a fine tip that allows you to draw a precise line, dries quickly and doesn't have sections disappear when you curl your eyelashes. I didn't find that it smeared or smudged, but after a long sweaty day... my winged tips weren't as dark and defined. BUT because the pen is so easy to use and not gloomy...its super easy to do touch ups during the day.

In the picture above I am also wearing the lip stain in #64 in 'rose'. definitely not a rose color. More of a Nicki Minaj hot pink. It definitely stayed on all day, even through me eating nachos. Like any other lip stain it does end up feeling a bit dry as time goes buy...but I had a really similar shade of gloss I put on top. Definitely like the lip stain.
The eyebrow liner scares me. Maybe its just me, but a felt tip eyebrow pen doesn't seem natural. The tip isn't like the liner, its more of a chisel tip and I tried doing light brush strokes, but ended up putting brow powder over top. So although some might love the look, it wasn't quite for me.
Last but not least they have an awesome corrector pen that looks just like the liner but in a white pen. and you can use this to quickly and easily fix mistakes or clean up liner that you might have not done as crisply as you might have liked. 

all in all I think they are awesome. the eyeliner is definitely worth it and has become my go to liner.
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