Saturday, July 7, 2012

love & laughter

this was one of my favorite moments today. Laughter and love all wrapped in one. I am so thankful I have kids that are full of love....and remind me what is important.
Today was a good day... got to see my sister and her family. It's weird seeing us grown up with families of our own. In so many ways I still feel like a kid.  I wonder when that goes away...or if forever you don't feel like a 'real grown up'. 
Strange to think that for a split second when we are born we are all the same, and then starting in second two...we all are being shaped and formed by our surroundings. the people around us, the environment we grow up in, the climate, country...and then we go from there. different and the only one just like us. strange thought. 
It's late, and I'm tired. physically, mentally...I feel like the last couple of days I've had sudden bursts of emotions where I want to spontaneously cry for no reason, and then moments later I'm fine. Does anyone else ever feel like that?
anyways. today was a good day. got to see loved ones, share some goodies, eat yummy cake, and was told I am a good mom by my husband and the the most beautiful woman in the universe by my daughter. what can beat that? 
oh, and I got my free 'brew over ice tumbler' from keurig in the mail! 
hope you all had a good day too.

oh and ps. how am i just discovering pandora on my phone?!?!

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