Sunday, June 10, 2012

a little love tap

my bubblegum pink nails :)

I've often heard it said "its just the little things"... its just the little things that can make or break: your day, marriage, job, relationships, mood, outlook, perspective,attitude...
I am so thankful for the little things today. I have been talking to a lot of women who feel neglected and overlooked by their significant others. It is amazing what a simple hug, nudge, warm touch or a kiss can do. I think it is hard for a man to realize how much it means to a woman. 
Feeling down, depressed, ugly, unloved, undesired, unwanted are huge feelings that really affect our every day. Something as simple as a hug, squeeze, or a heartfelt "i love you" or "you're doing great" or "you look beautiful" when you are out about in your every day can all of a sudden make a woman feel happy, joyful, beauitful, loved, liked, desireable and wanted. The lack of such over time can really hurt and potentially end relationships. I know a lot of women say "i don't want to have to TELL him to do it.. because then he's just doing it because I told him to". The reality is, most men don't realize the importance of it..and if you just let them know...I bet they would do it, and reverse the snowball of bad to good. 
I say all of this in appreciation to my husband who is so good (and gotten better over the years after me 'sharing' how important it is to me) at the 'little things'. encouraging words, hugs, going out of his way when we are out to make sure i'm ok and don't need anything... this week he brought me some 'just because' flowers. and as much as I love flowers.. the thought that he was out and thought of me made me feel special.
so with all of that said. Ladies, its okay to tell your man that you need some affection or that your love tank is running low. I know that if he loves you, he will be more than happy to fill it back up. hope you are doing well and hope you have a lot of little reminders this week that you are beautiful, loved, worthy, doing a good job, wonderful and perfect :)