Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sigma Brushes

I did a blog waaaaaaay back about 2 sigma brushes that I ordered off of Amazon using my swag bucks after reading a bunch of good reviews on them.

the flat top kabuki (f80) I use this for liquid foundation and seriously. flawless results!

and rounded kabuki (f82) This one I use for powder/mineral skin finish. You can use this for liquid too, but I use them this way.
 that are suppose to give 'HD'effect. I totally bought into the hype and absolutely LOVE them and cannot live without them! The bristles are super de duper dense unlike most kabuki brushes that are a little more fluffy. but I think that is what gives the hd effect.
I have a tapered kabuki on the way and I'm so excited to try it for highlighting and contouring. I wish I could order all of them... but I'm gonna need some more swag bucks for that!!!

anyways, there is a 10% off code right now so I thought I would share!
happy brushing!

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