Thursday, June 21, 2012

Products I'm currently loving

So finally over 7 months after having my baby #3  I feel like I'm starting to lose some weight. I have a long way to go... but its a good feeling when you can squeeze into your old jeans...even if they were your 'big jeans' and now are skin tight! hahah.... I am not one to exercise or diet so this has been a challenge for me. I can't do much physically because of my back, but I've been really trying to be more active. s l o w l y doing a little exercise. By slowiy i mean like.. I'll do 5 lunges one my way to get the laundry out , or I'll do 10 sit-ups while I do my back stretches. Its not much but its a start right? I eat pretty healthy...but I've been trying to do even better. So, hopefully I'll get rid of my invisible pants that give me this unsightly muffin top and firm up the jiggles....I need a butt perk up too. man... 
anyways, here are some of the products that I have been loving the past while. Hope it is helpful, have a great day!

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