Monday, June 11, 2012

how I clean my brushes

I'm a little bit of a hygiene freak about certain things and get weirded out by funny things. Like, I don't like sharing towels... and I always check my water before I drink (out of a bottle). With that said, I feel like I need to wash my makeup brushes a lot or I'll break out. I bet there's some truth to it...right?
anyways I thought I'd share how I wash my brushes since it is so easy and cheap! I use to use makeup removing face wash, then I used antibacterial soap, then I started buying brush cleaner... and now.. I use plain old dish soap and olive oil. it works a GABILLION times better, faster and cheaper. Plus, you always have the supplies at home. All the other things I used I never got fully clean brushes I felt like the inside/middle was still oily and had makeup in it. anyways... here are the steps!

1. put dishwashing soap in a  bowl (i like the original palmolive the best)
2. add 1/3 the amount of Olive oil this will condition the bristles and keep them soft
3. lather in your hand, rinse, repeat
4. squeeze, and reshape your brush
5. let dry overnight 

hope this was helpful! g'nite!

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