Friday, November 19, 2010

Sigma Brushes

so i've been wanting sigma brushes for a long time... but really, they weren't even an option. i couldn't justify buying makeup brushes when we have bills to pay. i have to admit i settled for 'comparible' brushes... and now that i have the sigma brushes. they are NOT comparible.

i got 2 of the high definition (f80 and f82) sigmax brushes FREE using my swagbucks. its the only way i could feel okay about getting them! so finally today they arrived.. and they are AMAZING!

they are so dense that they don't waste product and the fibers are shorter to get a more precise application. i have to say, they are worth the price. FO SHO.

so i know i should be the spokesperson for swagbucks.. but for real, this way i get stuff i want without feeling guilty! you use it just like google or any other search engine, earn points and then redeem them for prizes.. i always go for giftcards...
Search & Win

swag away!!!

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