Monday, November 15, 2010


what is going on.
so yesterday I got in another accident.
we had a record high at church, went to lunch and was on the way to the park to watch the boys play basketball.
the kids had fallen asleep in the back, and as I was approaching the off ramp that was under construction and lined on both sides with barricades I saw a ball of wire. about the size of a tumbleweed. I couldn't tell if it was soft, hard...but because of the accident I had last week, I could hear the officer saying "if there is an obstruction in the road, you have to do whatever you can to avoid it". so I swirved around it, but the opening to the offramp was too narrow. the tip of my car hit one barricade and I hit the opposite wall, back and forth four or five times like a pinball machine.
At the first hit I said "oh no", but then when I hit the second time.. the car started tilting back and forth and it felt like we were going faster. Hit after hit I cried out to God "God, help us! LOOOOOORRRRRDDD".
I have never been full of so much fear, so quickly in my life. The horrible thought of something happening to one of my kids is unbearable. as I hit I kept thinking "no, please.. it can't end like this!".
when it finally stopped I was so scared to look back at the kids.

Jehu looks at me and goes "woah" and grins.. like it was fun for him.
and then Jael goes "mom, why did you hit the walls? now how are we gonna get to the park?"

oh. my.

luckily a police car was driving right behind me. she said all she saw was a big cloud of smoke go up and thought 'oh dear'. I guess my front tires blew up which caused the smoke.

when I got out of the car, I could not believe it. unbelievable.

the officer then said something quite interesting. she said "are you a christian?"
and I said "yes..definitely a christian" and she says "ok, I just feel in my spirit your family must be doing something really great... the devil is trying to keep you down. has other things been happening to you?" and I say "well, I got in an accident last week and my husbands truck broke down"..... she then gave me a hug and said "don't give up, He's doing good things through you"

I have to say, at one moment I felt like a damsel in distress and could see my prince in the distance. I wish I had a camera and non-shakey arms to take a picture..
The sun was setting and I could see a trail of dust.. Drew was running up above on the mounds of dirt that were piled up for construction, he slid all the way down to where our car was. I could see him running as fast as he could.. and it made me feel safe, so loved.
our good friends the Tuckers came and helped us. It is so good to have people who are calm and under control around.. I am so thankful for them.

At the end of all this. all I care about is that my kids are healthy and happy. a car is just a car.. objects are replaceable.. people are not.

Sarah came over that night with some coffee and to drop off her car for us to use.. again. not even a thought, she just came. such a good friend with a lovely heart. We still had the borrowed car from last week so we are good... but am so thankful for friends like her.

so with a stiff neck and sore body,many hours of crying, waking up in panic... I am so thankful that God has good plans for me and my family. that He protects us.. and that He IS doing great things...
ain't nobody gonna hold us down!!


  1. Wow.

    Wow. Jeannie I am SO thankful you all are protected and safe. God does have His hand around you all so tightly, and the enemy knows it will take a lot of rumbling to try to shake you from His grasp. But take heart! Because our God is greater and the Lord is victorious!

    Thank you for sharing such a powerful and terrifying happening through the right perspective :)

    You are inspirational.

  2. Hallelujah Hallelu! God definitely has a protective shield from the enemys attacks! You're family is always doing great thing because you have CHRIST!

    HalleluuuuuuuYEAH!:D Love You jeannie! Hugs n Kisses go out to Jeannie Jean ;)

  3. ahhhh jeannie!!! I wish I could've come spent the day/week with you today... I didn't know about the officer part! That's crazy ~ but just like God. How can you NOT be encouraged by that?? Love you lots and so glad you all are OK! God is sooo good.