Wednesday, November 10, 2010

mini get away

This is Sarah. Ain't she cute? She just had her THIRD baby 9 weeks ago. She is one of the strongest, most independant, confident women I know. But like most women when it comes to herself, and embracing her beauty.. she gets shy, giggly, and embarassed when people tell her how beautiful she is. She is gorgeous naturally. Trust me.. we were roomies in college, I've seen her at all hours, the girl doesn't need makeup. BUT since I LOVE makeup.. I thought it would be fun to do a little quickie mini makeover in a style she normally wouldn't wear. She is very natural and neutral... So just a little bit of red lipstick and eyeliner made a big POW. She is so cute. Doesn't she look like a teenaged intern working for Teen Vogue? I love it!
So last week me and my 2 girlfriends decided we needed an emergency, mini-vacation.. as cheap and as quick as possible. God is good. We got the hook up! we stayed in one of the nicest hotel/resorts in Palm Desert for the price of a best western.. got plane tickets nearly free... and got blessed with some fun money by one of the gals too....
they flew in monday evening. left me wednesday afternoon. just one day. one full day... but that is what we needed! we had so much fun just 'being'. its weird to not have a time constraint and just chat, eat, talk... enjoy. just for a minute. just for a day. So blessed we all have understanding supportive husbands who let us do this and hold the fort down with all the kiddos.
So today is back to our favorite little people and enjoying our blessed lives. Just a little retreat to reflect on all God has given us.
The older I get the more I realize the importance and rarity of good friends. So I am going to cherish the ones I have as much as I can.
Susie.. I'm coming to get you next!

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  1. thats so cool! i loved all the pics :) glad you had a great time! yes us moms/women need that! even for a day!