Friday, November 5, 2010

the funny man upstairs

I have often thought that God must have a sense of humor. Not only because I see and enjoy things that are funny, but because of circumstances and how He so creatively works.

So my car had been in the shop for 2 weeks after having that freak accident on the freeway.
Let me pause for a second.
ok... you really don't realize the convenience of having a car until you don't have one. It is like someone stole your legs.. and you are home bound. can we say cabin fever?! So even though I was praying every day for my dream mini-van... I didn't realize how thankful I was for my car until it was gone.
ok back to story.
So the auto body shop calls to tell me my car should be ready soon. Seems like only a few moments passed when my husband calls to tell me his truck has died. (ok, for those of you who know him and his 'stud truck'...this is devastating to him.) My husband drives an 88 pickup that doesn't have a keyhole for the door, window wipers that work...on top of me having to crawl through the window at 8 months pregnant cuz the door doesn't open! He LOVES his truck.
Anyways, the auto body guy says needs a new battery and alternator.
So I think, in light of our automobile woes, I shall cook a grand meal. A belly full of food is a lot less grumpy...
So the kids and I are sitting at the table.. when I see this pull up:

do you see what it is?!

my husbands truck on top of the AAA tow truck, but inside the bed of HIS truck is a Barbie Jeep. WHAT IN THE WORLD?!

My husband subbed at the middle school and one of the ladies that worksthere brought it for my daughter!!!! It really drives too.
It was so funny! So the only person who has a car that drives is my 3 year old does fit my son too, so that's a plus.
so if you are driving to church on sunday and see a Barbie jeep on the side of the freeway, it will be my kids on the way to church. no excuses now right?!
God is good and He makes me laugh.
During the last few weeks we have had generous people allow us to use their cars.. and I finally got mine back today.

I am still praying for my Toyota Sienna Mini Van though!!

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