Sunday, November 21, 2010

there can't be a rainbow without a little rain...

so our good friend who we call 'coach', because.. well.. he's a coach, came over yesterday to fix drew's truck. we have to have atleast ONE working vehicle right?! my beautiful friend sarah came to my rescue again and let us borrow her car so i could pick up kids and take my kids to church today.
sunday school craft? check. kids toys? check. snacks? check. offering? check. good attitude? check.
just as i am about to leave my phone rings.... *sigh.
"uh jeannie? can you come pick me up? my tire blew on the freeway".

REALLY!?!?!?!??!!? i had to laugh. i'm now not surprised or phased by this little 'thing' we are going through. 5 cars in 2 weeks...

so i packed my kids and one of the youth girls in the car and was off to rescue my husband. when we got there, we loaded up the projector screen and Drew crouched/crammed/ squished into the back and off we were to church.

all i can say is... God is good.

i rarely get to sit in worship, but today.. i told myself i need to worship.. even if just for one song. so i did. i sang loud, and praised Him. for being Good, for being our Provider... for being our Strength.

After service Mrs. Tucker (one of the ladies who came to the scene with her husband when i got in the accident) said something so interesting to me... she said " i don't know how to say this the right way.. but when i was standing on the offramp after your accident, I saw Drew walking up the ramp with Jael on his shoulders and Jehu in the stroller. They were all happy, she was happy, he was happy, and Drew was happy pushing the stroller up the off ramp. Strangely the first thing I thought was 'wow, jeannie has a good life'. I know its weird thinking that when you just got in an accident, but Jeannie.. you do.. you have a good life."

and I do. I have a good life. and i know it.

my life wasn't always like this.. so i am thankful every day. for love. for beautiful kids, for a husband that loves me. things don't matter... THEY are what matter, relationships matter... so today with the rain still trickling outside my hope is still growing...

thank you guys for reading, and hope you know that you are loved too :)


  1. yes jeannie. you have a GOOD LIFE. for real. not like the fake Kanye kind. you have a GOOD LIFE. I'm sorry I haven't been able to come out and cheer you up, pray with you, give you some good ache-u-pressure for your neck this week (AND, I wrote you a card and it's been in my purse without a stamp for the past 4 days). BUT know that I love you sooo much, and more importantly that you are LOVED by the King who SO has you in his strong hand. Thanks for this post, it encouraged me too <3

  2. HAHA. that last comment is susie btw. not marcos!!! ;)