Friday, October 8, 2010


these are two of my treasures.
i value them so much, i cherish them. beautiful, irreplaceable treasures.

as i grow older i realize how much harder it is to make good friends, and keep good friends.
life changes and its not like high school or college when you do the same things, see each other every day, tell each other EVERY small detail of everything. people move. grow families...change. so friendships take so much more effort. they have to be intentional. days go by, details are forgotten and before you know it... you have no clue what is going on their lives, and they don't have the slightest idea what is going on in yours. so when something 'happens' its just too much effort to get into it ALL. so you just leave it, don't bother with it and move on. except with those select few. you make effort, you ask try. with these friends no matter the days, months, years... it is like it has always been. just deeper. stronger. your heart is an open book to them. they see you. they get you. they understand.

i really believe that people were made to be relational. we grow and thrive through relationships.
good friends are like mirrors, they show you things about you, that you can't see yourself. true friends let you be honest, raw, ugly...and they still love you. no judgement. they take what you say and take care of it. they want the best for you. they celebrate your success and hurt when you fall. they help you heal and nurture your wounds.

i have been blessed with a core of good friends. but this week i am especially blessed by these two beautiful ladies. so much love, encouragement, wisdom and compassion.
thank you for loving me like you do. i know and feel God's love for me with such a deeper understanding through my friendship with you. my beautiful irreplaceable treasures...


  1. that was seriously the nicest post that truly touched my heart and made me feel so loved! you are the BEST

  2. i'm assuming that is you amy, not jeremy!