Tuesday, October 12, 2010

cutting it off

so i just gave myself a little haircut. it was WAY overdue...
made me think about so many things in my life i need to 'cut out'. we carry things around that we know we need to get rid of, but its always 'oh i'll deal with it later' or 'its not THAT bad, i can wait a little longer'.
the reality is, when its dead.. its dead. keeping things around, in or on you that are not healthy will affect the rest that IS healthy.
I need to get rid of some things inside of me that i've been hanging on to. things that i have always said 'i'll deal with later' or 'its not THAT bad'.
those little things that i think aren't such a big deal, keep me from living the to the fullest of my capacity. it steals bits of joy that i don't even notice are mine.

so 4 inches of hair later, i feel a little lighter and a little more enlightened.

hope you are having a beautiful day. :)