Thursday, October 7, 2010

i like to give: giveaway

so i can't say i'm good at a whole mess of things, but i do like to give...
especially to those that i love. i want to give them everything and anything. i always daydream about things i would get people if i became an instant gabillionaire (that's how much i need! hahah)
i've even had dreams of taking people to car dealerships and saying 'will your mom or dad get mad that i got you a car?' hah!! i wish.. I WISH. or atleast own a huge company where i could hire everyone i know that needs a job and pay them WAY too much.. and get them to do stuff, just so they 'earn' it..but it would be stuff that was fun, that they enjoyed to do. or own a HUGE complex of homes where people who needed a place to live could stay for free, have community and bbq, swim, sing, dance.. play games together every day..the dream can just go on and on.
me and my daydreams.. anyways...
so for those of you who encourage me and support me, this is for you...
all entries need to be submitted on
you can write anything and everything. it could be long or short.. tell me what is new in your life :)
good luck! love you.... (and sorry i got all emotional! i'm such a girl!)

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