Tuesday, October 26, 2010


today as i was driving home with my son, a huge piece of heavy metal that was tormenting the freeway hit my car. ruined my tire and the parts on the bottom of my car. we saw 3 others being towed for the same reason..and then at the shop my husband said 4 more came in from the same thing. horrible.

funny thing is, it doesn't have me down. we are safe, no one is hurt... and that is most important.

we dont' have an extra car.. and we don't have money to pay for it.. BUT it doesn't seem to bother me.
God is my provider, and regardless of what happens.. He is Good.. and is still my Provider.

Happiness is based on circumstances, situations. happiness comes and goes, depending on what is going on. Joy on the other hand comes from within. The core root of it coming from Him because He is my source. so, regardless of circumstances or happen-stance...
I still have joy.
i think of it as joy is part of who i am... happiness is a welcomed side effect.


  1. a) that picture is adorable. seriously watch out for that gorgeous little thing on the far left. good thing daddy's a warrior. and b) that sucks about your car! like you always say... "when I'm a millionaire...jeannie, i'll buy you a caddy" but a suburban would probably be more practical. and c) glad you're safe! lub u :)