Wednesday, October 20, 2010

goodbye bra!

ok... most women own ATLEAST 10 bra's... but always default to the one or two that are super comfy. we wear them to death. we forego the pretty colored, lacey, cute bras we thought we would wear and go for comfort. some of our favorite bra's need to be let go...

for instance, when:
-color: the bra use to be a gleaming white, is now a how do i say this nicely....a vanilla-ish color?!. c'mon girls. what if someone SAW it?!
also, i often see people's bra strap poking out. and i KNOW its not suppose to be that dingy grey color!
-structure: the wire is poking out the side or in the middle..and all day you are shifting and squirming, trying to poke it back in.
-shape: when the cups are no longer round, but look deflated, squished, lumpy, saggy.. just like how you DON'T want your boobs to look... get rid of it!
-fit: when the back rides up and is not level with the sides and front... it does not fit right. most of the support comes from the back. so if its riding, its too loose and stretched out and your shoulders are gonna pay for it.

if they are SUPER yucky, throw them away. invest in a new bra, one that's comfortable. you know you will wear it EVERYDAY. so think of it as an investment. your girls will thank you for it.

now what about all those neglected bras that never made it to the favorites list and are shoved to the back of your drawer or are hanging lonely and unused in your closet? you can DONATE them!
here are a couple of places i've found that you can donate, most of them donate to homeless women and those who sufferfrom domestic violence, help support breast cancer research, or use them towards a good cause: