Monday, September 23, 2013

Postpartum Recovery with Baby #4

Like all of my pregnancy and labor symptoms I ended up googling everything... I mean everything! So of course with recovery I've been doing to the same. I thought I would share some things I've been experiencing this time around in recovery. I really should have written them down before making the video because I remembered a bunch of stuff AFTER. yup, welcome to mom brain. 

Its definitely different this time than it was with the previous 3...I attribute it to age and my body just going through this 4 times!

Postpartum ouchie stuff:
*cramping is much worse this time. mainly when I nurse, but also when I don't

*Majorly swollen feet, hand and face...about a week after I've been sweating like no other, I feel like my feet are literally dripping!

*chills and hot flashes. Oh my, if this is what menopause is like...oh my. I'm freezing one moment and boiling hot the other. Kind of like when you have a fever, but without feeling sick.

*Perineal pain. I never knew this region existed. on about the 3rd day I had the worst pain from the inside... sharp, deep pains. I wasn't sure if I had to go to the bathroom...but it hurt SO bad. much worse than any contractions!

*Hemorrhoids, they never fully went away after baby #1 but surprisingly they haven't gotten worse, but they are definitely still there!

*body aches like I tried to run a marathon yesterday. the day after birth my body was so sore, especially my groin muscles. I wasn't in stirrups very long, but where my legs attach to my pelvic hurt so bad I could hardly walk!

*epidural area pain. I had this with the previous 3. unfortunately because of the back problems I have and that I have back labor... I NEED an epidural. I found that with all of them afterwards I have periodic pain where the epidural was placed. It lasts only moments, where the area feels almost hot and cold at the same time, from the inside and the pain just radiates for a couple of moments and then goes away.

*burning while peeing. Yep, blame this on the catheter. I just didn't remember it lasting so long. I'm super paranoid of UTI's so I've been drinking a lot of water and taking my cranberry supplements. but burn baby burn.... i feel the burn!

*sneeze attacks. Ok. sorry to be graphic. but when I sneeze, I feel like everything down there is gonna bust open!!

*hermitville. with the other kids I was up and about within a couple of days. I think with the last we went to disneyland a week and a half after. this time...not so much. I am totally happy hiding in my cave watching shows on netflix. I just feel like I like being alone, and don't really want to see people or go out... happy to be a hermit.

emotionally I feel like I am better this time. I'm definitely tired and have had my little cry tests, but I don't feel overwhelmed and sad like I did with some of the others. 

I hope some of this was helpful in making you feel you are not alone and that some of these things are somewhat "normal".
good luck new mamas!!

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