Sunday, September 22, 2013

NYX Cosmetics

I received some NYX goodies the other day and have been trying out different items each day so I thought I'd write little mini reviews as I go... and maybe do more in depth ones on certain items like the butter glosses. 

For the picture above and below I used:

Jumbo Eye pencil in Yogurt
These are extremely creamy and easy to apply. I used it on the inner corners and as an eyeshadow base. It applies and spreads super smooth

Eyeshadow Palette in Sunsets with Sophia
Love this palette. The colors were very pigmented. The champagne color is quite shimmery, but finely milled enough that it goes on smooth and not glittery. love that it is a neutral palette with good blending colors.

Blush in Pinched
This blush is very pigmented, a little bit chalky so you have to put it on with a light hand, but I'd rather something be too pigmented than not enough

Butter Gloss in Vanilla Cream Pie
Oh mama mia, these butter glosses are literally like slathering warm butter on your lips they are sooooo extremely smooth and soft!! definitely a new favorite for me, and they smell vanilla-y and delicious!

Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator
I love that there is a silvery/pearly one and then a peachy/golden one. Gorgeous colors.
On my hand the color was super dense and rich. When I tried applying it to my inner corners and on my cheekbones I had to do a couple of layers. I do love that they have a metallic-y pearl finish rather than the shimmer that most highlight and illuminators have. This definitely makes your skin look glowy!

For this look I used:
Eyeshadow Palette in Be Our Guest Maurice
Strangely this eyeshadow palette has a different consistency than the previous eyeshadow palette. I thought they would apply the same, but this one wasn't has creamy and pigmented. I used the NYX white eyeshadow base as well to get a more bright look, but I had to to put about 3 layers of the purple for it to show up.

Black Label Lipstick in Cancun Pink
I am already a huge fan of the NYX round lip sticks and these are right up there with them. They are smoooooooth like butta! seriously, the creamiest softest lipstick ever. I kind of thought because it was so moist and creamy that it would start bleeding, but I didn't have that problem at all. Bonus of this lipstick too is once its gone, your lips feel moisturized and conditioned. love!

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