Thursday, September 19, 2013

Labor & Delivery of Baby #4

Hi everyone! So although it was my intention to video tape some of the labor process... it was such a long tiring night and we really never got around to it. We really wanted to 'enjoy' the last labor experience so we concentrated on being in the moment. 

Waiting for baby to arrive is always the hardest time for me during pregnancy. The anxious, nervous, excited, scared, so over it feeling seems to make for a lot of restless nights, major mood changes, hyper sensitivity and spur of the moment cry fests!

Here is my labor and delivery story with baby #4:

I forgot to mention that after all of that, baby was born at 8:57 am on September 6, 2013
and was 8 lbs and 2 oz!

Thank you for all your congratulations and well wishes. I am off to the doctor again for another bilirubin check for baby... praying all his levels went down!

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