Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tony Moly Appletox Peeling Mask Review & Demo

Seriously, I have never felt my skin like this before! It feels all bouncy and smooth like newly moisturized baby joke.
I got it from along with some other korean cosmetics.
they have a wide variety of goodies and ship fast!

First off. How cute is this package? I felt like a 'real housewife' taking the picture! haha! 
It looks like a real green apple, and smells like an actual green apple. Not green apple flavor.
The cream feels like a smooth moisturizer

To Use:
Apply to clean skin 
Dot onto face (the more you use, the better it will work...but longer it will take)
I just dot it onto my face and start massaging
as the cream dries it will start making 'eraser bit' like debris
Basically... the eraser bits are all your dead skin cells!!
once the cream is dry it will be harder to massage
rinse, tone and moisturize as normal

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