Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to Deal with a Crazy Pregnant Woman!

I am totally aware and don't mind admitting that I am not the best pregnant woman.
I get moody, sensitive, sick and difficult.
Hey, realization and acceptance is the first step right? haha!!
So now being pregnant with #4, my husband and I have definitely learned some things along the way.

I have to say that each pregnancy has been equally difficult physically, but we have learned to approach it differently and it has gotten better.

Now pregnant with #4, our LAST, we are trying to enjoy it as much as we can.
At the end of the day life is good and we will receive a beautiful prize. It has definitely grown us and matured as a couple and a family, so I would'nt have it any other way!

We babble a bit, but hopefully this video is helpful to some of you...even if to just let you know you are not alone!!


  1. Oh my goodness...the two of you are so crazy adorable. As someone who doesn't know you guys personally, I can say that the love you have for eachother absolutely SHINES out of both of you. It's so wonderful and encouraging to see two people who love eachother and are committed to eachother so strongly. The tips and advice you give in this video are valuable even for those of us who aren't pregnant at the moment :) Blessings on your marriage and your family. Hope the rest of this pregnancy goes smoothly for you! :)

    1. kristin, thank you so much for leaving such a wonderful comment! I think that this is the best compliment... thank you!!!!