Saturday, June 15, 2013

Target's FIRST subscription Beauty Box & Nails of the Day!

I received my first Target beauty box today. This is different than the FREE beauty bags they have given away in the past. This is more like the monthly subscription boxes...but this one is only $5! I wasn't sure if it was a one month trial type thing, but it looks like they might continue doing them! 
(If you haven't like "Target Style" on Facebook, that is where I get my info)

I have to say, since they had given away the beauty bags for free in the past... I was a little disappointed. I just assumed that since the beauty bags were free, and these were not... they would be a LOT better, Especially since Target is such a huge company, I thought they would hook us up!
Here is what was in the box:

And on a totally random note, here are my nails today!
Lollipop by Orly and a little bling from Amazon :)

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